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Curating YOUR "it girl" Morning Routine

We all have heard the term "it girl" - so what exactly does that encompass? Well, I'm sure a lot of people have different variations, but my definition would be, being the best version of yourself, while standing in who you are.

If I told you that in a year, I could guarantee you would have what you are wishing for - the new job, the home you've pinned on Zillow, a raise, a loving partner, what would you do differently to start working towards the next chapter of your life? I heard this question posed on a TikTok I recently watched and I really enjoyed this question, because it makes you dive into your daily routine.

We often wake up in the morning, and the first thing we tend to grasp is our phones. We are creatures of habit, and we have been made to feel that checking our phones, makes us feel connected to the world, when we should be connecting with ourselves first thing in the morning.

So by sharing my morning routine, I hope this inspires you to curate your very own "it girl" morning routine to start your day, and set you up for success!


6:30AM: Rise and shine, time! Upon waking up, I'll lay in bed for about 5 or so minutes, letting my brain run with whatever thoughts come to mind before getting up to start my morning. Once up, I'll brew my morning cup of coffee, make my lemon water, and grab all the things needed for my morning mindfulness session before getting ready for the day.

6:45AM: Gratitude, meditation, and prayer! My favorite part of my morning routine, truly. Taking 15-20 minutes to allocate for your mindfulness is so crucial in today's world. We find ourselves being thrown into "the belly of the beast" numerous times a day, and without grounding, you can feel off, or you may not tap into your emotions. So I first begin with my 5 Minute Gratitude Journal, which is a wonderful way to start your mindfulness routine, if nothing else. Beginning my day with gratitude, sets the tone of the day. I'll often follow that by a meditation on the CHANI app, before diving into my morning devotional time. I use "My Morning Devo" by Alison Delamota to open my heart to the Word every morning. I'll often put the podcast on, open my bible, and scribe anything that comes to mind associated with the reading of the day, along with praying for the day ahead.

7:00AM: After a clear mind, comes a clean space. This part of my routine varies a bit, and depending on the day, I'll either spend the next 20/25 minutes tidying my space for the day ahead, or I'll focus on body movement. If my body is craving movement, I'll allocate the time to a yoga session before the day begins. If my body is craving clearance, I'll spend the time reviewing emails, looking at my to do's, putting dishes away, clearing counter space, and any other little to do's that can be accomplished before I go to work. The quote "clean as you go" for cooking, has always applied to my daily life, even when not cooking - it's so much easier to just tidy up, rather than feel the daunting gloom of having a pile of clothes on the messy chair that we all build up from time to time.

7:35AM: Begin to get ready for the day. Typically by this time, I have a podcast picked out that I'm listening to, while sipping on some coffee about to start getting ready for the day ahead! This is the time I'll take to focus on my skincare, makeup, hair, and outfit for the day. In all, it typically takes me 35 minutes or so to get ready, but I totally indulge in this time.

8:15AM: Now, it's time to connect with others. After allocating time in the morning to center myself, I do take time in the morning to connect with others. I'll often call my mom, and have coffee with my aunt. If I'm lucky enough to have my boyfriend awake at the same time we'll FaceTime for a bit. However, it's a joy to my morning, just more enjoyable since I feel fully awake, and connected.

8:30AM: Pack up for the office. Since I work a 9-5 job, I typically pack my whole life into my bag for work, just so I'm not missing anything. I'm lucky enough to live local to my office, however the thought of forgetting something at home is not my vibe. So this time of the morning is where I pick out my beverages for the day, little snacks for the office, my iPad (and it's case), my journal, and the list goes on.

8:45AM: Stroll on into the office. Like mentioned before, I am lucky enough to live very close to my office, only a few blocks, so to get my body movement in most days I walk to the office. I often take these walks in silence (if not listening to a podcast) to just kind of think on the day ahead. In nature is so beautiful, and finding joy in the little moments is key.

With that, my morning has come to a close!

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Let me close out this post by stating what I have read, "research consistently demonstrates that 'too much change, too fast' is likely to end without positive results." Which hits the nail on the head. I did not always have this grand morning routine curated - I use to simply wake up, put myself together, and get out the door. However I noticed that by neglecting my own personal connection, I was having a lack luster day, and craving to be more grounded.

My routine may not spark joy to your life, but feel free to use my template, and make it your own! Take little tid bits of mine, and allow it to spark joy towards your routine. You are that it girl, and you will have a damn good day!

Until next time friends,

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