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What's in my Work Tote?

Picture this: it's 2010, and you're getting ready while watching a what's in my bag video on YouTube - my favorites were always from Blair and Elle Fowler, aka juicystair07 and allthatglitters21 (this information was super specific, and very irrelevantly relevant) For some odd reason, those videos were always my favorites! I loved seeing what people carried around daily (and at that point, I was young, so I wasn't carrying around anything too important). I think the old what's in my bag videos have now transferred that obsession into "restock my fridge," or "clean with me" TikTok videos, ha!

Fast forward 13 years, and oddly enough I still love being nosey and hearing what's in someone else's bag. I think as humans we always have a bizarre infatuation with what other's are doing to some degree, and a harmless way of being nosey in someone's life, is exploring what they carry around daily.

In the spirit of oversharing, please enjoy a post about what I carry around on a daily basis to and from the office.


Before we can get into what's in the bag, we have to talk about the bag itself! Now, of course this varies depending on season - typically I'll change my bag quarterly according to season. However, I always use the same sort of body for a work bag. I like something large, that can fit a lot! I bring my whole life to the office with me, so it has to be durable as well.

I've linked some of my favorite work totes below in case you're in the market for something similar. My personal favorite will always be Béis 'The Work Tote' - it's truly such a wonderful bag for the office.

Now, shall we address the bag inside of the work tote? This may seem excessive, however, the bag below is my every day bag: what I use out of office, on the weekends, etc. It's small, fits a ton, and is cute! Instead of transferring my everyday necessities into my work tote, this bag just gets thrown into my work tote for anything I may need. So what's inside?

* I cannot find the link for the exact bag I have anymore on Lululemon's site, however have linked a similar style.

  1. YSL card holder, for any spare cash, and all cards.

  2. My business card holder for any possible networking.

  3. Always, always, always - my airpods!

  4. Reusable metal straw. Such a simple luxury, while still being eco friendly (clearly, I cannot stand a paper straw)

  5. My daily lip gloss, Lawless Forget the Filler 'cherry vanilla'

  6. Facial blotting powder, from Covergirl 'Clean Fresh'

  7. Travel size perfume case, my daily scent is Frenshe's Lavender Cloud

  8. An "everything" pouch" which carries my 'just in case' meds, tide stick, liquid IV, Aquaphor, Listerine strips

Onto the meat, and bones of the work tote, and what I carry with me to the office daily.

  1. My coffee tumbler...aka, the most important thing to me in the morning! I'll toss this into my bag in the morning as I'm heading out the door. The Simple Modern tumblers are by far my favorite (even over Stanley), they are so solidly leakproof (tried and trusted within my Christian Dior bag), and keep your drink temperature regulated for hours.

  2. My iPad! I bring my iPad with my pretty much anywhere I go, aside from daily errands. My iPad has everything I need for work, and content. During my down points at the office, I'll often work on blog posts on my iPad, though, seldom do I have free time while in office.

  3. My "beauty bag" for work from the brand 'Truffle' in the style 'Clarity Mini Jetset Case' - this is the most perfect bag for anything I might need in the office. In this is a travel sized hairbrush, perfume, a tidestick, a toothbrush & mini toothpaste, and Advil (for the days meetings just seem to drag on). Not that this next item fits into this bag, but it definitely goes hand in hand, always, and I mean always have a lint roller in your work tote. Whether it be for yourself, or a coworker, someone will end up needing one, and hey, you'll save the day.

  4. A folder. I'm constantly carrying around paperwork, whether it be paperwork for clients that I'm reviewing, proposals for clients, paperwork of my own personal life, etc. I use to be the type of person to just fold it up and throw it in my bag, but a folder definitely helps keep my OCD at bay.

  5. As a safety precaution, I always carry two things with me - my Birdie Safety Alarm, which my aunt gifted me, along with pepper spray, that my mother had given me that she had got when traveling down South. Use regulations with your state of course, but in all regards, be safe.

  6. A sweater/cardigan. My absolute favorite wrap around for the office is from Barefoot Dreams, the CozyChic style. The texture of this sweater, and quality is to die for, it's so buttery. However, my office can get pretty cold, and even though I adore colder weather, I definitely need something to keep warm, and this is so simple to be able to throw in my bag.

  7. Journal, and a pen. When I'm at TJ Maxx, Homegoods, or Marshalls, often they have cute little notepads/journals, and I'm always picking up another one. I go through journals like you wouldn't believe. From writing down every day to do list's, reminders, planning something out, etc. I've tried to convert all of this to some tech platform, but nothing beats pen and paper.

  8. A pair of socks. If you've read prior blog posts, you know I am lucky enough to live close enough to my office that I mainly walk daily. When I walk to work, I'm wearing flats. I keep two pairs of shoes in my office, a heel, and a fancier flat. I always bring a pair of socks with me to work, because I'm never sure what I feel like throwing on that day - and instead of making a decision so early in the morning, I always just bring a pair.

That pretty much wraps up my "Mary Poppins" bag that I tote to and from work on a daily basis. You know the saying, better overdressed than underdressed? I find a very similar statement applies to my daily totes to work - better over prepared for the day, than underprepared.

I'd love to hear what your must have's are for your daily totes around, so make sure to discuss it in the Out of Office Social Circle group, write me on Instagram, or comment on this post.

Until next time,

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