A guide to skin care, for YOUR skin type. This is a basic guide, to educate the reader about their skin types, and conditions, to build an easy, efficient, and managable routine. 


This eBook will walk you through each skin type, how to identify them, and which routine, in my opinion, work best - and guess what? It isn't eight hundred steps to overwhelm! 


I also discuss the difference between skin types, and skin conditions; as well as dry skin, and dehydration skin. Each topic can often be misunderstood for each other, yet are very different, and identifying these issues, will help to treat your personal skin issues. 


While this is a basic guide, based off my personal, and professional knowledge, you should always consult with your local esthetician, or dermatologist to ensure your routine is fitting you. Or you can always book an online session with me, via my shop, and we can discuss your skin goals, and help you accomplish them! 


disclaimer: this is an eBook and will be available to download after purchase. There will be a link to download once purchased, as well as a link sent via email that will last 30 days. All information gathered is based off of Milady textbook, article research, and personal and professional knowledge from licensed estheitican Samantha Quackenbush. Refunds are not available for this product. 

Understanding your Skin, for your Skin Type, eBook