Skin Consultation, 01

Skin Consultation, 01

Color: Tier ONE

Skin Consultation Tier ONE


In this session, I will sit down with the client on skype and speak about their current, and past regime for skincare, the lifestyle surrounding their routine, and how to improve it. Building a step by step skincare routine tailored to the individual. 


    This is ONE session; and lasts up to FOURTY FIVE minutes. Prior to the session, I will contact you for current skincare pictures, and tell you what to have prepared for our virtual meeting.


    By consenting to Samantha Quackenbush's online skin consultation, you take into account that Samantha is NOT a dermatologist or doctor. She is a licensed esthetician in New York State. Always test products recommended on the back of the ear region before using to whole face to avoid a reaction; as Samantha is not responsible for allergies assosciated with recommended products.