Why I haven't been blogging?

Hello my angels! If you're tuning into this blog post I'll be completely honest - I have had no motivation to blog, really. I've been trying to spark creativity, but mostly the topics I want to blog about, are normally transferred to the @estiebestiespodcast. Me and Ashley put our whole heart into the podcast, therefore I always plan to give it 100% - with that being said, I'm not going to stop blogging, however, I'd be lying if I said it'd be a consistent schedule. Skin Sunday is here, just on a pause. I felt as though I owed it to the audience that did read my blog, to understand, the information that I provide here, is just as good, but if not better (especially because you have two voices and opinions) on the podcast! So if I get that spark of creativity, you bet I'll be posting a blog post, but until then, tune into the podcast every Monday for your skin session talk!

Until next time, keep up with me on Instagram, & of course, reach out with any questions! xo

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