Do you know your skin type?

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

Let's talk about your skin. Your skin is part of the integumentary system; the integumentary system consists of your skin, the oil and sweat glands within the skin, hair, and nails. When you nourish and properly take care of your skin, your results will show. Why do I keep emphasizing your? Well simply because your skin is unique, and the products you use, should be targeting your skin type. So before you go and listen to another recommendation from just anyone, know your own skin type first, and make note of that before your next purchase.

So what's your type, of course? Let's get to talking.


First off, let me start by saying you are born with your skin type; it comes from genetics, and ethnicity. Skin can change over time, often loosing oil production as we age. So how do we determine someone's skin type? Skin type is determined by many factors, but two main factors being how much oil is produced, and how large pores are within the T Zone.

There are four skin types: dry, normal, combination, and oily. Sensitive skin may sometimes be a type, but often is a condition. Skin conditions, and skin types are different. Skin types are a classification of the genetic makeup. Whereas skin conditions have many factors, both internal, and external. For example, you may have a change in your diet that effects your skin, or are on medication effecting your skin, that, is a skin condition.

Knowing your skin type, is the key to unlocking results for your appearance. For example, if you go to the doctor, and they're able to diagnosis what you have and give you something for it; well, that's similar to knowing your skin type and product shopping, it's also the difference to being a smart consumer. As always, seeking a local esthetician will help to get optimal results, but knowing your skin type is the perfect start for what products will work best for you. Your friend might love a product, but that product may not suit your skin, and therefore you might save yourself some money before splurging. So let's talk on the different skin types, and how to identify signs of each type.

— Dry Skin

Dry skin does not produce enough oil, and therefore needs a bit more extra care because it lacks typical protection of it's natural barrier (which is called the acid mantle). Pores with dry skin typically appear small, texture can be a bit rough, and the skin may feel tight. Dry skin can sometimes even be more prone to sensitive conditions due to the barrier not function properly. The best type of products for dry skin are occlusive products. Occlusive products are thick, and are able to be layered onto the skin to keep moisture within the skin, and prevent the skin from drying out. One of my favorite products (which works for all skin types, but for dry skin is a must have, in my opinion) for dry skin to layer on top of your night time skincare routine is the Summer Friday's 'Jet lag Mask' - it is such an amazing product, and I would recommend it always, I truthfully can never run out.

— Normal Skin

Normal skin, ah, the dream! Normal skin is the perfect balance of the skin, which is what we all want to achieve. Normal skin can go through periods where it may be a bit oiler, or drier, but overall balanced out. The pore size is on the smaller to medium side, with usually no blemishes on the face. As a teacher I had in esthetics school would always say, "no one has normal skin unless they are around eleven," and honestly? It's so true. Rarely you'll find someone with picture perfect skin, and if you're one of those people who does have perfect normal skin? I do, truly, envy you. However, one of the best moisturizers for normal skin, and often something I carry around in my makeup kit for all my clients, due to it working so well is Kiehl's 'Ultra Facial Cream.' I discovered this product a few years ago, and fell in love, finding it suits pretty much every skin, deeply nourishes, and preps the face amazingly for makeup.

— Combination Skin

Combination skin is the most common skin type. I, myself tend to be oily to dry combination. The way to state properly how your combination skin is, to speak from the T Zone out. For example, my T Zone is oily (typically the T Zone is more oily due to it having more sweat glands than the outside of the face), & as you go to the outskirts of my face, it becomes drier; therefore, I'm oily to dry. Combination skin can also be oily and normal, or dry to normal, hence combination. The key to having combination skin under control, is keeping the skin balanced; you can achieve this by targeting the areas as such individual areas, water based products tend to work best and are lighter on combination skin.

Two amazing water based moisturizers, that are great for combination skin, and are always on rotation in my skin cabinet are Tatcha 'The Water Cream' and Neutrogena 'Hydro Boost Gel Cream.' Both those products provide the perfect amount of moisture without feeling too oily. Lastly, my favorite worth the splurge exfoliator is Drunk Elephant 'Sukari Babyfacial.' It simply will make your face feel brand new. It's definitely intense, especially if you're a first time user, so do a patch test first, but starting your week off with Babyfacial will truly set your week up for success.

— Oily Skin

Oily skin, is the complete opposite from dry skin, duh. The skin over produces oils, resulting in larger pores (because if there's too much oil "escaping" the skin, the pores are larger to excrete). Oily skin results in more blemishes due to the pores being clogged with oil. It's great for everyone to get a facial with extractions, and recommended, but even more so for oily skin to prevent breakouts. However, on the flip side, having oiler skin slows down skin aging because of the extra protection due to the extra oil production.

Oily skin requires more thorough cleansing, and exfoliating. However over cleansing, can do damage by stripping the skin's natural barrier, and then irritating it. When stripped, the skin is unbalanced, and in result produces even more oil to compensate for the surface dryness. One of my favorite cleansers for oily skin is Origins 'Checks and Balances Frothy' face wash. Another product I adore for oily skin, which I mentioned in a prior Skin Sunday post is the Aztec Secret 'Indian Clay' - which is affordable (and comes in two days if you have Amazon prime). This mask is amazing to do once a week to decongest the pores & skin. I highly recommend.

— Sensitive Skin

Like I stated above, sensitive skin can be a condition, or a skin type, and can depend on many factors. Think about it, in our day to day life, we are faced with environmental factors, sun exposure, stress, and so much more. Sensitive skin can be irritated by products, heat, medications, and sun. Sensitive skin is growing more common in this day and age; but, Northern European decedent tend to be fair in skin color, that predisposes them to this skin type more than likely. This skin type can be categorized by redness, thin skin, and fragile. Rosacea is common amongst this skin as well.

Most of the time sensitive skin will let you know it is having an irritation, by visibly showing the redness flushed to the skin. Sensitive skin needs to be treated gently, with certain products, and a constant routine. A product I adore for sensitive skin, is Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base - though thought to be a primer, I love it for a gentle moisturizer for sensitive skin. Another amazing set of products, that I think will be a great regime for sensitive skin is The Ordinary 'The No Brainer Set.' I have recently been trying out The Ordinary, yes, I'm late! But I really have quite enjoyed the products I'm trying, including these. I have seen results in my skin, and they haven't irritated, or caused a reaction to me, who has sensitive skin, so I would highly recommend.


I truly hope this post helps for you to understand your skin type, and helps you understand the science behind it. Like stated previously, if you've learned something, or I'm able to educate you in some way, that makes my job complete!

Until next time, keep up with me on Instagram, & of course, reach out with any questions! xo

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