Sunday, my Routine

Sunday. This whole blog, is based off what I call my "audience" of the blog - my Skin Sunday friends! The thought of the word, probably brings along some sort of ritual, or routine. Whether it's a ten step routine, or something as simple as breakfast in bed. Whatever makes you happy, sparks you joy, and helps to set your week up for success, I think that's key for a well spent Sunday.

"A Sunday well spent, brings a week of content."

This is one of the first lifestyle blog posts I'll be posting, sharing my Sunday routine, step by step. However, Sunday's for me, are always something I look forward to throughout the week. A perfect balance of productivity, and relaxation. I'm a very structured person, so vitalizing Sunday, sets my week up to not have overthinking, and be clear headed on what needs to get done, I hope you enjoy this look into my sacred Sundays.

My body has a natural clock, well between that and my two cats, I'm always woken up before 8:30 am. Therefore, I don't set an alarm for Sunday's, I just let my body get the rest it needs to recoup from the week. Once I'm finally awake, out of bed, and the fur babes are fed, I immediately turn on my Keruig, to warm and brew coffee, a definite must. Often I'll listen to a podcast, and make my bed, brush my teeth, and I'll quickly go wash my face, and often apply an exfoliator, prior to steaming. I'll allow myself to pretty mindless, and just be present, into listening to a podcast or audiobook, or catching up with articles on my phone. I'll often write a grocery list of things I need to pick up this week. After finishing my coffee, before going into the bathroom for my favorite part of my Sundays, my in depth skincare routine.

Sunday Skincare: After letting the exfoliator sit on my skin for what the instructions call, I'll remove it, and steam my face. My favorite part after steaming, of course, is extractions. I will really make sure to clear my skin out, and then make sure to my high frequency machine to eliminate bacteria. Then typically depending on what needs to be targeted on my skin, I'll apply another mask, and run a bath, either switching to another podcast, or an audiobook, I am so grateful for Audible.

Once out of the bath, my mask has been washed off, and inevitably it of course took forever because my hair needs to be washed as well. I'll follow up with my regular morning skincare routine.

Now besides relaxing all day in a warm bath, then to bed to watch some Netflix documentaries, before that period, I want to fit as much in, to make my week easier. I sit at my desk with my planner, my laptop, and do a weekly review of what needs to be done, I'm super OCD, so I make sure I write down everything, and every detail, including an outline of what I'm eating those days, errands, even workouts. Having everything written down to me helps me to stick to my plan and routine, and also reminds me what needs to be done. From work, personal life, recipes, blog posts, and Instagram content, my planner has it all! I use Google Cal throughout my day to keep track of appointments and to remind me, but my planner is my Bible, I am attached.

After completing and sorting what needs to be done for the week ahead, I like to declutter my space. I'll run my Roomba, return everything to where it belongs, mop my floors, and clean counters. I dedicate each day of the week to deep clean some area of my house, for example, Monday's are laundry & bathroom. However, Sundays are spent just decluttering, and overall making my space more cohesive, clean house = clear mind.

Lastly, it's my time to enjoy the rest of my Sunday. I make sure to pretty much never make plans on a Sunday, I use it as my day to decompress and take some selfish time, for me time, haha. Finding time for yourself is soothing to the soul. Often times, I'll catch up on some TV shows, watch a movie, cook some dinner, and end my night with curling up into bed with a good book, and tea (usually smothered in face oil, because the NYC coldness is horrid).

Until next time, keep up with me on Instagram, & of course, reach out with any questions! xo
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