Creating Routine, in the Madness

Happy Skin Sunday everyone, well now Skin Tuesday. If you follow my Instagram, you saw that my blog draft got deleted, so this is now being retyped on Monday evening. I'm sure without an introduction, we all know what this title is all about - the current quarantine with the Coronavirus pandemic. I had originally planned a different post for this week, being that I have been slacking with my blog posts - unfortunately I've had some health issues with new medication, that I've had to adjust to, being 100% honest, but this quarantine has been able to give me a break and focus on writing blog posts for my audience that hopefully not just entertain and fill a little bit of your attention, but are able to educate you all.

This Monday (yesterday, March 23), me and Ashley are came out with a podcast episode all about how the pandemic has affected the beauty industry, us personally, our states, and more importantly, how to keep your beauty products sanitary - keep posted for this fabulous and informational post. I advise you all to check your local government and rules for self quarantine, and follow the rules of our state. Mind you, staying inside will be the best bet, not only for you - but for your neighbors, your neighborhood, your family members, friends, and so many more without even realizing. So be considerate, think about what you can do to uplift others, whether it be a simple phone call to a loved one, or friends, or even contributing something creative on social media to connect with others.

In this post, I wanted to share with you how I've been keeping sane, what to be doing with your time, and how to be positive in a time that we are unsure of what's coming next. So, here we go, here's a quarantine breakdown of how I've been keeping my own self sane, and the best things I've been doing to keep myself busy.

I wanted to break this post down in different aspects, because I truly feel like every aspect of our lives were flipped upside down - so many things changing, and us not being prepared fully has caused chaos. However, with chaos, comes calm after the storm - so we this post will hopefully provide insight to what we can control, rather than what we cannot control on the outside world.

Beauty & Skincare.

01. Giving your skin a break! This is so amazingly important for our skin. As big of a fan (obviously) as I am with makeup, everyone's skin needs a break, and our skin will benefit from this. Take this time to allow your skin to breathe. We go through day to day life being busy and sometimes neglect our skincare needs fully, so therefore while we're home, let you're skin breathe!

02. Pampering & At Home Treatments! Love is blind, or is it (also if you haven't binge watched Love is Blind on Netflix, I highly recommend) truly? After coming out of my home, I'll be booking appointments asap with my hair stylist, nail tech, my esthetician, and making sure to pamper myself fully. But in the time being, we can do so much at home to pamper ourselves. Hair masks, face masks, body treatments, giving ourselves an at home self tan, an at home blowout, are so many little things to allow ourselves to feel better and more put together, but it's within our control, and able to manage.

03. Creativity! Have you wanted to play around with certain looks, styles, beauty trends, etc. but have been to nervous to try it without perfecting it? Now is the time to go big or go home (no pun intended). We are able to do that smokey eye, or bold lip even if we're just dressing up to travel from the bathroom to the living room, or doing a fashion show for our fur babes. It's okay, and you're totally not crazy for dazzling up for bringing light to the dark times!

Fitness & Health

01. Moving your Body! We spoke about this on our podcast, and truly it's so important. It's so easy to sit on the couch, like I stated earlier, but moving is crucial to just feeling good all around. You don't need equipment mostly, looking up easy stretching, yoga, or workout videos is simple, there are so many online, and during this period are truly beneficial.

02. Healthy Eating! Definitely not the one to speak all about this, especially since I ate a whole roll of ciabatta bread the other night (guilty as charged), but there's my point - it's so easy to eat unhealthy currently. This whole situation makes it easy for us to slip into not so great habits, but it's up to us to stick to our true alignment. Cook as much as you can, when you're ordering (if you can in your area), be mindful. However, if you want that chocolate cake, you deserve it, we all deserve sweet during the sour.


01. Keeping up with a Routine! Routine grounds you, and it makes you feel sane. Even if you don't think you have a routine, you absolutely do. During this time though, creating a routine, even if it's little things around the house will help your mind to feel more normal. For example, my morning routine will not and has never will change. I make sure to spend at least a half hour to say a prayer, meditate, do my morning skincare, putting things where they belong, and making my coffee. This helps to ground me, before working and jumping into workouts. My morning and night routine will always make me feel stable, and if you're ever feeling a bit not grounded, spend time to reevaluate your routine and see what works for you.

02. Get Away from your Phone! This is hard, even for me. We live, and some of us even work, on our phones, especially now (these words are so repetitive in this post, but its truthful). However this can also create so much anxiety looking at the news, seeing everyone on social in the same boat, so getting away from your phone is amazing. I have personally utilized the Downtime on my phone since it became a feature. I set my social media intake to only an hour and a half a day, and once it runs out, unless I have to post for work, I don't allow myself on again (typically, lately it's been a bit hard). I also set Downtime for my evening, so I spend time by myself without interruptions. So if you're wondering why you aren't hearing from me between 9pm-8am, that's why, I'm selfish, and that's my time to myself.

03. Enrich Yourself! What do you like to do? Stop reading this blog post and take a second to think. Whatever it is, you can figure something out to do. Read, and if you don't enjoy reading, watch a movie, move your body, clean your house. I could go on, and on. I've been early Spring cleaning, listening to audiobooks and podcasts an insane amount, but it's truly keeping me happy, it bring's me joy. Take a walk, get out of the house, just be cautious.

04. Social! Distancing isn't disconnection. We still need to maintain human contact, and the best way to do so? Plan some dinner dates via FaceTime! Happy hour with the girls via Skype. Zoom dance parties. So many people are being creative on ways to be social, and this is amazing.

05. Cleansing! Cleaning! Spring is right around the corner, and with the time we have on our hands, it's amazing to purge, sort, organize, and clean our homes. A clean home, is a clear mind. You'll find yourself more at ease. Often people who come to my house will ask how I keep it so clean. My simple trick, everything has a home, and once it's taken from it's home, after it's used, it goes back. So clean, purge, and you'll find yourself enjoying it. Listen to an audiobook, a podcast, a movie, you'll find yourself not even thinking about cleaning, and just do it.

On one last note, I want to seriously say be cautious, and careful. Do not panic, or over worry yourself. Follow your local guidelines, and just social distance. We will all make it through this! If you are struggling, please reach out on social media, and we can chat. I'm your friend, xo.

Until next time, keep up with me on Instagram, & of course, reach out with any questions! xo


Licensed Esthetician & Makeup Artist