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Skincare Routine Holy Grails

Skincare. It's a topic, that in my opinion? Is brought up at least once throughout the week in my personal life. Whether I’m talking about a product, or being asking about recommendations, I find that skincare is something as a unity, we thrive finding good products.

Being an esthetician, I’m always guilty of over buying to try what’s new. However, as of the last year, I’ve found more success in sticking to what works, and is easy.

I’ve curated a routine that’s easy for me, the products work as they claim, and my skin is the best it’s been in years.

So without gatekeeping, here are some of my favorite skin care must have’s that I have stocked up at all times.

  • MIZON, hyaluronic acid gel patches — eye patches are a must for my mornings. As soon as I’m out of the shower, I’m slapping these on and going to make my coffee, and lemon water. I’ve found that these are my absolute favorite from Amazon. They help to depuff, and any discoloration from a lack of sleep seems to fade. I’m telling you, I cannot live without these.

  • LANEIGE, sleep lip mask — I feel like if you are online, or follow beauty trends, you have heard of this product, if you haven’t already owned it at some point. It may be a bit more on the pricey end, compared to my go to Aquaphor. However, I will stand by the Laneige lip balm being the absolute best lip product I have ever tried for really chapped lips. New York winters, and my laneige lip mask are a match made in heaven.

  • Vanity Planet, facial steamer — this product doesn’t seem like one that is a necessity, and it surely isn’t. However, it has helped my skin tremendously, and aside from aiding in skincare, allows me 10 minutes of complete quiet and no phone as I steam my face at the end of the day. If you look up the benefits of facial steaming, and are in the market, I highly suggest this one.

  • Clinique Take the Day Off Balm — one thing I've learned since attending both esthetics school, and makeup design school, is that makeup, unless removed properly...lingers. A makeup wipe is not nearly sufficient, and cleanser helps, but a balm? There's nothing truly like it. Removing your makeup with a balm, opposed to a wipe, or cleanser, melts the product off the face, making it easy to go in with a cleanser afterwards to completely cleanse the skin with no makeup residue. I have used this product religiously for years, and will never go without it.

  • Paula's Choice SPF 30 Tinted Moisturizer — thick and heavy foundation? Not my thing. I mean don't get me wrong, I love to do full glam on night's out, but on an everyday basis? The bare minimum for the day to look put together is just what I need. One of my favorite products for skincare meshed into makeup, that I discovered over a year ago and have used it, and abused it, is the above mentioned tinted moisturizer. It doesn't leave your face feeling greasy, protect from UVA & UVB, and on top of that, it actually gives you quite nice coverage for being light weight.

  • Ice Roller — I cannot begin to tell you how amazing ice rolling is. I could do a whole post on ice rolling in itself, which hey, maybe I will. Essentially in the morning, the first thing I'm reaching for is my ice roller to help depuff my skin, and also? It feels amazingly refreshing. Look up the benefits for yourself, but in the mean time, take my advice, and start ice rolling.

  • Mighty Patch — I use to use the Mario Badescu drying lotion; however, that product I found to be a bit abrasive to my skin; and then went on a search for a new solution for pestering breakouts, which is when I discovered Might Patches. They are amazing little stickies, that are loaded with ingredients to assist in getting rid of your not so friendly face friend.

  • HEDO Skincare — HEDO skincare is a brand curated by my dear friend Christy Buss. Christy is an avid skincare lover, and her products truly reflect the passion towards skincare. The packaging is sexy, and looks great on your vanity, but the products deliver power packed results. I believe in the power of finding new products, and falling in love, however, as an esthetician, I have to stand by the fact that when using a skincare line from eye cream to oil is really important for the betterment of your skin. Essentially, all products from one lined, are derived to rejuvenate the pH of the skin barrier, and when mixing multiple brands, the effects of the product aren't always shown first and foremost most effective. So with a bit of bias, I would say that HEDO is my favorite skincare brand, because I've seen, and been a part of watching Christy develop these products in real time. Some of my favorite products from the line are:

Deep Clean Cleanser

DNA Repair Moisturizer

Enzyme Face Polish

Pore Declogging Pads

Another part of my skincare routine, that is crucial is shaving. Yes, facial shaving. Facial shaving is a key part of my routine weekly, as an extra form of exfoliation. Now, you have to be careful when planning when you're going to exfoliate your skin. I typically exfoliate physically twice a week, once on Sunday by shaving, and then on Thursday's I utilize the HEDO Enzyme Mask. If you over exfoliate, you risk stripping your skin's natural barrier of oils, and create irritation for your skin. For shaving, I always use a bit of moisturizer, rather than shaving cream, and a facial razor (you can find them on Amazon, but I've linked the one I use here). Trust me, after utilizing this practice into your routine, you'll notice your skin glowing more, and absorbing products easier, to then deliver the product deeper within the skin, equaling quicker results!

I've included a little "cheat sheet" of how to apply product. As I've found that many clients of mine, were applying product in the wrong application, leading the the product not fully absorbing into their skin. For example, molecules in moisturizers, are thicker than molecules in serums, which is why you would apply serum first, allowing those molecules to "sink in" and layer it with the moisturizer to act as a second line of defense, so to say.

Of course some this diagram isn't cut and dry, you may not use toner, or maybe oils at night just aren't your thing. However, the structure of this routine, is essential the backbone of having products penetrate the skin, allowing the skin to reap the benefits of the products you're applying.

I hope that this little bit of a dive into my skincare routine helps you to develop yours. Routine, which is something I have a plan to write a blog post on, is so crucial for us on a daily basis to keep us grounded, and skincare is the part of my day where I listen to my affirmations in the bathroom, ground myself, and truthfully check out of reality for a bit.

You should see me, in the evenings, find me with a glass of wine, steaming my face, in a dimly lit bathroom, while meditating, some may call that a holy experience.

Until next time, stay motivated, inspired, and always put your best foot forward to kick ass today.

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