Restock my Must Haves, with me!

Recently I had the horrid (okay, not so horrid, just tragic to me) experience of hitting the end of most of my favorite beauty products that are used daily, I mean how could I ever live without my ABH brow wiz? So of course, I took my happy self to Sephora online and quickly placed an order...and ended up with a hefty charge of course too. Nonetheless, I wanted to share some of my restocked products with you all, hopefully inspiring you to add something to your collection.


Anastasia Brow Wiz

I feel like this product needs no description as to why I even needed to restock it, but without it, my brows just I ran out, and had to use pomade for the time being, and honestly? I didn't vibe with it, the brow wiz is so much more subtle, and more me.

Drunk Elephant Sukari Babyfacial

Another product I've raved about enough to have you all already know why I repurchased it. The Babyfacial has been my favorite weekly chemical exfoliator for over two years now, and I've must've purchased six in two years, maybe less, I can't keep track. But I typically always have backups in my house due to how much I love it. If someone comes over I'm begging them to slap it on and change their life. Anyways, in this nightmare of a restock, as I went to go use my mask this time, I was out, and after two pumps was left with only half my face complete, what a nightmare. So, needless to say when received I did this mask right away.

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer

I love the fact that NARS created a mini size to throw into your purse or travel collection, I restocked both the regular size in 'Vanilla' as well as the mini. I love having this on me to touch up, and use on a no makeup makeup day, I've spoken about it before, but after working with NARS and seeing how truly versatile a concealer can be, I truly fell in love with this, and my love affair with this concealer will not die any time soon.

Natasha Denona 'I Need A Nude Lipliner'

The Natasha Denona brand as a whole is so beautifully done, all the products exceeding all expectations. I have never tried her lip liners though, so I cannot say how I like it yet, because I haven't tried it, but I'll keep you posted. I purchased it in a beautiful shade 'Michelle.' It's different from my NYX liner, in the fact the NYX is way more pink, and the Denona liner is more muted neutral peach, but change is always good, and I have a feeling it'll pair with everything.

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation

Another product I've used for years and simply cannot stray away from. Despite the price point, I have yet to find a foundation sitting the way this does on the face. I have an oily T Zone, however with this foundation after setting it (with the powder I'll mention next, don't worry, I'm not leaving any secrets out), I swear it ends up with a natural finish by the end of the night, not leaving me looking like a greased piece of chicken. I highly suggest if you haven't tried this foundation yet, going and getting a sample, because the durability makes the price totally worth it.

KVD Lock-It Setting Powder

I tried this powder for the first time about two years ago, as a suggestion from my friend Polina actually! We were going out for the night, after my flight in from NY to LA, and I was doing quick makeup before dinner, my skin of course was all out of whack, and I was over compensating for the dryness in my skin by producing excess oil, so I needed a setting powder dutiful to take on the task of handling my oil, my friend Polina swore by this powder, and I tried it, immediately it took up any excess oil on my face whilst maintaining it for the night. I use this to bake my most oily areas, allowing it to sit for a few minutes before wiping it away, and this does the trick for the day. I couldn't suggest this powder more for my oily friends, plus it lasts forever imo.

Dr Jart+ Tiger Grass Color Correcting Treatment, SPF 30

Of course, the most popular talked about product viral from TikTok, the color correcting cream. Now go ahead, and sue me, I thought I had bought it about two months ago when discussing the other Dr Jart+ moisturizer from my December Favorites post, but oh boy was I wrong. I love layering the two for a clean look when doing everyday errands without makeup. The products are so different, in every aspect, the texture being different completely. Seeing how much I love both these products, I've considered ordering the whole line, to test it out...what do you guys think?


Who else feels like at the end of a Sephora restock they have to work a month straight to make up for the damage done? I could totally relate, because this order? Not so fun to my bank account, but nonetheless, products I could not live without. Most of these products are restocks of holy grails, so they're completely Samantha approved, take my word, get a sample, and try it out for yourself. & until next time, be safe, well, and healthy. Don't forget to keep up with me on socials to follow up and see what's going on!

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