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Updated: Jan 30, 2021

I usually start all my posts happy Sunday, but truthfully I am not sure when I'm going to post this, but it's going to be a good one. So grab your wallet, and let's talk about at home, cozy quarantine favorites - from home decor, books, and skincare, this is all my recent favorites.

Let's start with my favorite thing to talk about home decor products.


Don't get me wrong, I'm happy it's getting warmer, and happy Spring has Sprung. However, allergy season and me do not mix. Therefore my first favorite is the humidifier I bought for my apartment, the AirExpect Cool Mist Humidifier ($39.99).You can diffuse oils in there, which is amazing, and makes my apartment smell amazing, and the humidifier helps my allergies phenomenally. Another amazing amazon find was the DRMTLGY Lavender

& Chamomile linen spray ($12.99). A common theme in my house is scent, my house always needs to smell good, always! So every evening and morning I'll use this to spray my pillows and sheets down, and my couch as well, and the smell is so fresh. On the topic of curling up in bed, well kind of, but I'd love to right now, let's discuss the blanket that changed my life, and yes I am that dramatic. The Barefoot Dreams COZYCHIC BAREFOOT IN THE WILD ($180.00), throw blanket is the most cozy blanket of all time, the texture is so buttery smooth, and I just wish I could live in it (well, during quarantine I have been), and if I plan to not be home a night, I make sure it comes with me. A product I've been addicted with for years has also been super handy with the extra cleaning I've been doing. The Mrs.Meyer's Surface Cleaner scented in lavender ($11.64 for a three pack). I find Mrs.Meyer's products really get dirt and grime up, and clean super efficiently. Another home favorite of mine is a packaged deal, my home spa time, and yes, I take my bubble baths super seriously. Some of my favorite products for bubble baths are easy to name, Dr.Teal's Epsom Salt, and Foaming Bubble Bath, scented of course, in lavender ($15.99 which is a packaged duo). Another product I actually just ordered, hasn't come yet, but I think will look super cute in my tub, is this pebble bath mat. Lastly, I'm going to talk a brand I swoon over, Sunday Forever. I swear by their candles, and live in their plot twist fluffy feet slippers ($42.00). The home decor is the perfect mix of good vibes meet luxe minimalist decor. I've spoke about the brand, and the boss babe behind the brand, Ashli on the podcast. I recently caved (not hard to cave with SF), and purchased their limited edition mini reed diffusers, in the scent 11:11 ($46.00).

Now let's talk all things skincare, hair, nails, and body care, because hello, we love that topic here, duh!


Without being able to get facials, and yes even though I'm an esthetician, I'm craving indulging in a facial without me doing it, but we make do while at home! First let's start with my favorite most relaxing part of my skin regime, steaming. I purchased the Vanity Planet 'Aira' steamer ($89.99, however just look online for a discount code, I'm sure an influencer you follow has one), and it's probably the best at home steamer, and has quickly worked it's way into my evening routine. You can look up the benefits of steaming on your own, but man does this little easy to use steamer pack a punch, and it's oh so relaxing. I have been using two masks religiously to help with my skin conditions, the Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay ($12.90), and the Summer Friday's Jetlag mask ($48.00). The Aztec Secret is amazing to use post steaming to really pull the excess oil, debris, and grime from your skin. The Summer Friday's Jetlag mask is wonderful whenever your skin needs a "pick me up." It helps hydrate the skin, eliminate discoloration, helps the swelling and/or puffiness under the eyes, all around a great product. One of my favorite body lotions, which is redundant because I mentioned it in another blog post, but I've been drowning my body in it now, because I've been taking so many baths, until I'm pruney - is the Coco Cabana Body Cream, by Sol de Janerio ($45.00). It's such a yummy scent, and lasts quite long on the body, with hydration that quickly absorbs and doesn't feel greasy. I spoke about this next tool on my Instagram, and did a whole how I style my hair, in fact I have a highlight on my Instagram in case people wanted to look back - but the product I'm talking about is the Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer, hot air brush ($59.99). Now, you would think because I can do make up, and skincare, I must know at least how to do some hair looks, ut truthfully, I'm terrible at hair, and have always admitted to that. Styling my hair is a no go, my go to look is straightening it, unless someone's doing it for me. However, this hair styling brush has made at home blow outs a breeze. I have turned so many of my friends on to this brush, and I have not heard one negative thing, it's so good. Another hair must have, which has always been my go to, but hey, during quarantine it's been my savior. Batise Dry Shampoo ($14.76 for a three pack) is my go to dry shampoo, I pretty much immediately apply dry shampoo after blow drying to avoid any grease, because naturally my hair is pretty oily. As for nails, I truly cannot wait for the day I can not botch my nails and get a proper mani/pedi. I have gotten a tiny bit better at doing my own nails, but not much, but I do have some nail favorites to share with you. I have been loving the Essie Top Coat, Three Way Glaze & Strengthener ($8.99). I don't have a gel curer, nor did I want to just buy one for the sake of needing it for a pandemic just so my nails were done, but I find that this top coat really helps extend the length of polish on your nails before chipping. I also have had this cuticle oil forever, and love it. Don't sleep on cuticle oil, it really changes the health and look of your nail. The Cuccio Revitalize Cuticle Oil, Milk & Honey ($7.00) is great, and a little goes a long way! Lastly, a color I've been loving on my nails is Pinky Promise, by Sally Hansen in the gel line ($9.99). It looks super pink online, which I'm not sure why, after about two-three coats it's a beautiful muted pink. For more products on a day to day basis I'm using, check out my Instagram and highlights section, I have products saved there, as well as trying to share with you guys how I'm keeping beautified during quarantine.

Some other things I'm loving right now (it's the little things in life)...


Now before I go on this rant of why I love this product so much, let me begin by saying, I was/and am still not a vitamin girl. I've done my own research, and have been educated to know, unless your body lacks something that a vitamin will help your system with, odds are you don't need it. However, quarantine, right? I saw this product all over the place, with nothing but amazing reviews - so I caved, and decided to purchase the Goli ACV Gummies ($19.99). Now, I won't go on a lecture of everything they claim, but what I can say, is that they've all helped with my own immune system, and body. Next is probably something I never thought I'd be talking about, toothpaste! Toothpaste was always just something that as long as I had it, and it did the job, I was happy. However, after running out, I picked up the Colgate Optic White Renewal ($6.99). This toothpaste is simply a game changer, it truly whitens, and leaves your mouth feeling super squeaky clean - I know, simple, but it's the little things, right? Now the next thing I wanna talk about is definitely an investment, I raved about it, researched it, and finally my family gifted it to me for my birthday. The Mirror, is an online gym service in your own home, with pretty much every fitness routine and workout you can think of, with it updating constantly (plus, it's now the only reason that I've actually kept active during quarantine, though I've been slacking a bit now). Lastly, Rachel Hollis is one of my most favorite inspirational speakers, and she created a journal, perfect to incorporate to any morning, or evening routine. She created a whole podcast episode explaining her theory behind it, and story behind it, along with the template, because she says in order to utilizing the journal you don't need to purchase it, but if you do - it's the Rachel Hollis Start Today Journal ($19.99).

Let's talk about tech...


Another thing I'm loving is my iPad mini. Now I've had my iPad for awhile, but recently during quarantine did I find how to truly utilize it for my life, and have it all organized. It's a life saver, and I am thankful for it. Some apps (on both my phone, and iPad) that have been keeping me sane during quarantine are...

  1. Routines; an app that keeps track of your morning and evening routine, which is super important because during stressful times it's always best to return to what grounds you. It then sends you a weekly report of how these actions effect your mood (since they have a daily check in), which has been super amazing in prioritizing what matters in my routine.

  2. GoodNotes; GoodNotes was an app that when I first downloaded it, I didn't really use it because I wasn't exactly sure how (thank you YouTube videos for then teaching me). However my friend Antoniya, came out with a digital planner - and it's ALL I've been using since quarantine started. At first it was an adjustment, but after about a week of using it and the app, I was obsessed.

  3. Balance; my favorite meditation app. I have been using for about 6 months, and when COVID-19 put our life on this quarantine, balance offered a year free subscription, which was amazing of them to do. However, with their short meditations, and sleep meditations, it's amazing - with a simple and clean interface, and it also hooks to apple health!

  4. Pinterest; do I need to explain more? Everyone loves a good Pinterest organization hack, or to manifest their dream home. However, recently, I've been really using mine, and loving the dreamy photo inspo.

  5. Fastic; okay, I definitely haven't been utilizing at home workouts as much as I should. However, it doesn't mean I can't be health conscious, I have definitely been cooking more, but intermittent fasting has been great, and this app is amazing for tracking it.

  6. Audile/Kindle; need I say more? I've been digging into reading, my goal was 24 books this year, and I can easily say it's more than possible with both Kindle/Audible. Some of my favorites are thrillers, and "self help" though, I never was a fan of the title "self help." Some recommendations I have are Atomic Habits, The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo, Call me God (only on Audile), The Wives, The Chain, Girl, Stop Apologizing, & Get Your Sh*t Together. (ps, a great app to get book recommendations & track your reading is Goodreads.

  7. Citizen; this app is something a friend of mine told me to download after an incident happened in our neighborhood a few months back. It is available in most major cities and locations around the U.S. and reports incidents in the neighborhood, COVID 19 updates, and anything else you should know about what's going on in your neighborhood.

  8. Health/Activity; this is for iPhone users, but like I said before I have been more health conscious since I haven't exactly been working out as much as I should. First I make sure to track my water intake with the health app (like me, you can create a shortcut in the app to make it easy to track water), and it makes me conscious of keeping hydrated. Secondly, I've been loving taking walks, and hitting my steps goal, so I've been trying to make sure to close all my circles in Apple Activity on my watch, and it's been truly holding me accountable. Lastly, it's super important to not dwell on social media, stop getting fomo! I love utilizing the "bedtime" feature on my phone which limits certain apps, until you wake up with your alarm. Also setting limits on certain social apps is really amazing, I don't go on Instagram as much anymore, I never use Twitter unless I'm looking at what's trending, my main go to is Pinterest, oh so dreamy.


I hope regardless of the restrictions easing in areas, you are still trying to stay home as much as possible to reduce the spread. However, if you happen to stumble upon this post months from now, these are still some of my favorites, and highly recommended! I'd love to hear what you've been loving in the comments, and on social media!

Until next time, keep up with me on Instagram, & of course, reach out with any questions! xo

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