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Online Consults!

Happy Sunday my Skin Sunday pals! I'm so happy to announce something I've been working on since about a month ago. COVID has already disrupted enough of our lives, so why should it interrupt our skin routines, and guidance from estheticians? A light went off in my head, why not offer my services from the comfort of my home, and yours to help address any skin issues, or goals you want to achieve!

With that all being said, I'm launching online skin consultations! Both you and I will work together and address all your skin concerns. I will personally have a online session with you, via Zoom, while examining your skin, talking about your skin goals - and giving you a full PDF of morning, evening, and weekly routines + products to achieve your personal skin goal(s). We can shop some new products, or use the products you have to make it all work! With that being said, I'm so excited to be launching this - and hopefully you will be too!

What do I get from booking an Online Consultation?

  • You will receive a PDF guiding you from your morning routine + products, evening routine + products, and weekly routine of masking, you're getting everything you'd get from me that you would get from visiting me, minus actually being with me!

There will be two "tiers" of Online Consultations

  • Tier ONE. ($35) You will have an online single session with me throughly examining your skin, listening to your concerns, and what you hope to achieve in your skincare journey. You will receive a PDF of daily and weekly routines, once examined and goals are discussed, and the PDF is yours to keep & reference back to

  • Tier TWO. ($65) We will spend a month tackling your skin goals, tracking what does and does not work, while seeing the improvement of your skin. Like tier one, you will receive a PDF of daily and weekly routines, which is yours to keep and refer back to. If a product doesn't end up working, we will adjust the regime, and the PDF will be adjusted. Once a week, we will meet on video calls to discuss your skin, as this will be in-depth to understanding what works for your skin!

I have personally tried this with friends & family of mine to see if it benefitted them, and personally they adored it! They were able to develop a strong routine, and see incredible results.

If you are interested in booking an online consultation with me, either reach out to me on the 'Contact & Bookings' section of my website, or purchase through my online store, and we can go from there! Times are tough, but that doesn't mean your skin can't be glowing.

I look forward to hearing from you & helping your skincare needs!

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