October favorites, from beauty to lifestyle!

One of my favorite features of my new website designs, as mentioned in my prior post, is the widget to have all my favorite products linked on the side of my blog page, therefore, you don't have to go digging through posts for what I'm loving at the moment.

To kick off the new website, and as my first blog post coming back writing, I figured I'd share one of my favorite posts/topics to read about, what someone is currently obsessing over. I find myself sharing products, and other items with friends and family on a daily basis, "Oh you have to check out _____....I'm obsessed with _____, and you have to try it," is something you'll often hear me saying when talking about products I adore. So without talking anymore, let me share with my audience my favorite products of October.


TULA 'So Polished Exfoliating Sugar Face Scrub'

So I may have found my new favorite manual exfoliant, and this is definitely it. Sunday Forever sent out a goodie bag celebrating their birthday, and included this product within the bag, so of course like the skincare junkie I am, had to try it the night I received it. The scrub is mild, yet melts the debris away immediately; you can feel your skin getting soft at your fingertips! The molecules are not rough, whatsoever, so they will not create micro tears within the skin, nor will it irritate sensitive skin due the gentleness of the product. I swear this sounds sponsored, and so is not. I cannot love it more, and it has become my second weekly exfoliant.

FRESH 'Rose & Hyaluronic Acid Deep Hydration Moisturizer'

I have always loved Fresh, although their products are often heavily fragrant, so I'd tell people with sensitive skin to definitely get a sample of the product first, test patch, and see how your skin responds. Which is exactly what I did with this product. I was looking for a sample sized Sephora perk to throw in my overnight bag, and this seemed fitting. After first use, I knew I'd be purchasing the larger size. The gel-cream is light, but deeply hydrating and lightweight on the skin. I use this more of a night cream, due to Kiehl's taking front spot for my favorite moisturizer, and when I wake up the next morning after using Fresh, I find that my skin looks glistening and more plump than the night before - and with the colder weather coming up, I'll take every bit of it!

LANEIGE 'Lip Glowy Balm'

Typically, I never finish a lip balm, who's with me on it? We always seem to start one, but it goes missing before we end up finishing it. Definitely not with this lip balm, I cherish it until the last balm of the bottle (or tube, but bottle just sounded better). I have used this lip balm religiously for the past two years since I found it, and have not purchased another since. I cannot even begin to tell you how many I've purchased, I should be a rewards member at this point. This balm is non sticky, deeply nourishing, and gives a nice sheen to the lips. I originally loved the Laneige balm tub, but once they came out with the convenient tube, it was so much easier to apply. I promise you, trying to balm for the winter months is so worth your wild, plus it's a nice stocking stuffer for those thinking of presents now.


Bio Oil has always been a staple in my house. I use it for literally everything, and recently it helped my boyfriend recover from a pretty nasty scar on his face, but with the help of bio oil, was able to heal beautifully. Bio Oil helps nourish the body super well, without an intensely oily feeling, but don't get me wrong definitely feels hydrated as heck. The product also helps with stretch marks! It's always used in my house, and I find myself always recommending it to people in the winter months because it simply just helps with a lot - dry hands, dehydrated skin, scarring, everything!


PIXI 'H2O Skin Tint'

Those who know me, know that I always opt for a BB or CC cream on a daily basis rather than a full on foundation (don't get me wrong, I love my full glam days). It's lighter on the skin, easier wear, and easier to touch up all together. My all time favorite has always been the Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer. However, I swear I found the perfect dupe, which has become a staple in my makeup drawer. The Pixi 'H2O Skin Tint' is perfect for the days where you want something to look more alive, just don't have the time to put in full effort. It spreads easily on the skin, is great for all skin types, lasts pretty long, hydrating and non cakey, and on top of it all - is a tinted moisturizer WITH coverage. This skin tint in my opinion is the perfect coverage for every day, puts your face together, while still keeping it skin like. Trust me, pick it up next time you see it, and you will not be disappointed.

NYX 'Slim Lip Pencil'

NYX lip pencils have always been some of my favorite. They sharpen wonderfully, don't tug on the lip, outline precisely, and have a wonderful price. The color selection is also amazing for all looks, and skin tones. One of my favorite colors that is always in my bag, is 'PeekABoo Neutral' - a perfect everyday nude tone. I love pairing this with almost anything, gloss, lipstick, a combination of the both, it wears well, and fades overtime, but definitely lasts quite awhile on the lips. I've bought so many of these throughout the years, in fact I typically stock up; however the past month of quick makeup, has had me using this pencil on an everyday basis.

NARS 'Lipstick'

Lastly for makeup, is what I've been pairing my lip liner with. For those of you who don't know, I worked at NARS for quite some time in their boutique on Madison Avenue. One of their most amazing products is of course their lip products, which come in a variety of formulas and colors. However one of the lipstick shades I always sold, was 'Cruising.' This shade was always, and still is one of my favorites of theirs. I recently found it while shopping my own stash, and re fell in love with it. It's the perfect topper to almost anything you have on. The shade creates the most beautiful sheer shimmer of pink on the lips.

IT Cosmetics 'Lash Blowout Volumizing Mascara'

Mascara truly is a girl's best friend, I find most people choose mascara when I ask the question I ask all my friends "If you had 5 products for the rest of your life, what would they be?" Recently, I haven't stopped using this mascara. I had never tried an 'It Cosmetics' before this one, but boy, it didn't disappoint. The blowout mascara is the perfect mix of volumizing your lashes, lengthening, and creating a wispy look to the eye, without any clumps! If you're in the market for a good mascara, I'd definitely check this one out!


Barefoot Dreams 'CozyChic Lite Long Weekend Cardi'

Cozy enthusiast is my middle name, and I wait for Fall/Winter to break out all the dreamy lounge wear (okay, let's be real, I use them all year, but especially in the colder months). Barefoot Dreams is one of my favorite cozy loungewear companies, even though it's at a more expensive price. The best way to describe the feel of their products is cashmere meets butter. I adore every product I've gotten from them - from the blanket, to the socks, and the multiple sweaters and wraps. Safe to say I'm obsessed. Even though it's getting too cold to wear the cardigan outside here in New York, it's the best for around the house to keep the chill away. If you're looking for brownie points this Christmas, pick up someone something from Barefoot Dreams, and you can thank me later.

Sunday Forever 'Mega Candle'

I spoke in a prior post about how much I love Sunday Forever. I found the brand about a year ago, and instantly became obsessed. Their candles smell like a vacation away from home, and the brand concept is everything I love (hello, again, cozy vibes). My favorite scent from them has always been Coconut; Ashli, the owner of the brand, truly perfected the most yummy, buttery, deeply enriching coconut scent that enriches your whole home. I bought their Mega Candle in the Coconut scent, although 11:11 is amazing too, and that's my next purchase, and boy! The burn time on this candle (with proper care), and the ever lasting smell is intoxicating. I burn it every morning while I'm doing my morning routin

Bliss Collections 'Daily Planner' + Notion

If you know me personally, you know how much I adore planning, and need to plan out everything I do, or else my OCD goes wild. When March came around, the use of my daily planner become obsolete, what was I going to be planning? So I began looking into digital planning, which was never my favorite, but I finally found an app that I have become obsessed with for planning my week, and day.

First is Google Calendar, duh. I use Google Cal to jot down anything and everything, from appointments, personal errands, and reminders. I use this to skeleton my Notion weekly plan. On Sunday's I sit down at my desk, and plan out my week on Notion to mirror my Google Cal. It may seem like a lot of work, but trust me, it takes me five minutes, and not only that, but I find myself getting more done from Notion, because Im writing down my top three to do's everyday, which isn't aesthetically pleasing on Google Cal. I also plan out my daily workouts on Notion, as well as meals, and my book of choice for the week (or sometimes longer when I don't finish).

Now, how do I use the Bliss daily planner on top of Notion? Well every morning when I wake up, and go to review emails, and my plans, I'll grab the daily planner, and again, mirror what needs to be done on that specific day. Some day's I'll skip it, not to waste a page, if I don't have too much going. However this daily planner includes everything you could think of for the day, must get done's, to do's, appointments, meals, water intake, etc!

With all my favorites being shared, I hope you had the most fabulous October, and I hope that November treats you even better! I plan on posting my favorites every month, so that my audience knows what I'm obsessed with.

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