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Updated: Jan 30, 2021

Welcome to the first blog installment of Skin Sunday's. I always liked the concept of blogs, and blogging. I've tried it in the past, and never stayed stern to it; but there's no better time to pick up a new habit than the beginning of a new year. So, here's my question to you...

Do you make New Years resolutions? I definitely do. Do you often find yourself straying from some of those resolutions only weeks after promising yourself you'd be doing it in the first place? Also, guilty there too. However, if I can stick to blogging, I'm holding you, yes you, accountable for one thing in the new year, picking up at least one healthy skincare habit and incorporating it more consciously into your routine. Easy enough, right? Well to kick start off your skincare journey this year, here's F I V E of my favorite (and, some very obvious) skin care tips, habits, etc. that I swear by, and will take your skin into 2020.


0 1. Water intake!

— Water is so essential, and I'm sure you've heard that a million times, from so many different people, and probably for a variety of reasons. Water can improve circulation, regulate body temperature, boosts energy, and I could go on, and on. However, with water pertaining to skin, it is vitally important. The body is made up of roughly 64% water, which is insane to think about. So, replenishing our body and hydrating ourselves only causes our body, and skin to reap the positive benefits. The largest organ (which if you didn't know, is skin, fun fact) can benefit from proper hydration by brightening the skin, help healing which includes helping irritations and puffiness, helps to balance pH, and even help blemishes! So make sure in the new year, to grab a cute water bottle, and crush this goal, it's important!

Click here, for your H20 intake, based on your info & lifestyle!

02. Developing a routine.

— Developing and sticking with a daily morning and evening routine is so essential I cannot stress it enough. We spend money on the products we use, and put time into our skincare, but if we aren't consistent with our routine, the results will never properly show. If you're struggling with products or exactly what you should do regarding your routines, see a local esthetician! That's what we're here for, we want to help you achieve your skin goals, so setting an at home regime up is a staple in how your skin progresses.

03. Sleep!

— I know, I know, hear me out, just like water, sleep seems so basic as a resolution. However, hear me out, how many of us get proper sleep? The key word in that last sentence is 'proper.' So many of us get into unhealthy habits which then effect our sleep. How many are squeezing in that last email before bed, or checking Instagram. What you do up until the moment of sleep, impacts your sleep. Dr. Mike Varshavski, or Dr. Mike on YouTube, has a whole video of how to truly get the best out of a proper night's sleep. Since I'm not a doctor, I'm going to only speak about sleep with skin. You absolutely should be getting at least seven hours of sleep, but personally? I make it a point to get eight, utilizing the bedtime feature on my iPhone. Yes, as an adult I prioritize a bedtime, it sets you up for the next day! When we sleep, it helps our body heal and rest, and due to our skin "guarding" us all day so to say, it is crucial for it to take a break and heal at night. I also found a really great article from Dermalogica which explains The Science of Sleep (and Skin), which if you have the time you should definitely check out.

04. Makeup, makeup, and more, brushes

— As a dual esthetician and makeup artist I love the way the two connect, but, one thing that's for certain, makeup, brushes, and proper removal is something I cannot stress enough to how important it is for skin complexion. Here's basic three tips, for each of those pesky issues. One, follow expiration dates on makeup and skincare, always. Two, clean your makeup brushes! I cannot stress this enough, bacteria is constantly touching our face, and to the brush and so the other way around, therefore cleaning your brushes is VITAL, and most of the time what causes many to breakout. Lastly, remove your makeup properly. Double cleanse (I'll be doing a post later on in the month about this, so stay tuned), and if you don't know exactly what that means, it's basically a two step cleanse. Don't just use makeup wipes to take off your makeup from the day, that will in fact not remove your makeup, just smear it around.

05. 2020 is the year of SPF, I'm declaring it!

— All my fellow estheticians who are reading this are probably nodding and screaming in agreement in their head. SPF is essential, all of these tips are, that's why I'm including them to kickoff your years, however SPF doesn't nearly get used as much as it should be. So many times when I'm even sitting around with my friends talking about routines, before I drilled it into their heads (yes, I bully them into using SPF, they'll thank me when we're 60) it was rare that they included it in their routine, especially when it wasn't a super sunny NYC summer. Generally speaking, many don't understand that UV rays penetrate all year long, and wearing sunscreen truly helps us to fight those rays, which can cause free radical damage, and quicker aging. You should be using a nickel sized of sunscreen year round. So find the right sunscreen for you, and get on using sunscreen 365, instead of just your Summer Days.


I'm so excited to share my knowledge of skin and makeup through this new venture of blogging. Considering how addicted I am to reading blogs, it only felt right to start my own. So I hope this first Samantha's Skin Sunday, was enjoyable, and you were able to pick up at least one (but preferably all) new habit to carry into the new year. I hope your holidays were wonderful, and you're excited for all to come this year. So until next Sunday.

Until next time, keep up with me on Instagram, & of course, reach out with any questions! xo

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