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Updated: Apr 2, 2021

We all know that we love hearing tips from our favorite content creators and bloggers, that's why we follow them. They provide inspiration, and ideas that spark our own creativity. I wanted to create another branch from my blog, that would bring me closer to my audience, and those who want to invest in me.

I'm creating...a monthly newsletter! (and don't worry, I won't spam your inbox)

I wanted to create a space where I can share and "coffee chat" as I would with a friend of mine. What can you expect in the newsletter? Recap's of this month's blog posts, incase you missed any, sneak peaks of upcoming projects, book suggestions, products, insights to my own life, getting nitty gritty, and personal. It'll be exclusive content that I won't be sharing on Instagram, or just a regular blog post. The possibilities for the newsletter are quite frankly endless, but it's just a silly little newsletter meant to bring joy to your inbox once a month, because besides, I'd rather read this than a Zoom invite, right?

*Carrie Bradshaw voice* I couldn't help but wonder...are you interested?

How do you sign up? On the main page of my blog, or on the about me section, you can enter your email, and voilà! You're signed up. If you're having issues for whatever reason, make sure to reach out to me on the contact section of my website and I'll make sure to sign you up!

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