Who is Samantha Quackenbush?

First off, I want to say hello, and welcome to my blog. Secondly, I want to say thank you, for taking the time out of your day to read this, or read a few posts of mine, maybe even look at my work.

I want my blog to be a platform in which I can share what I've learned throughout my career as a working makeup artist and esthetician, but also just share some lifestyle things as well, on top of helping my readers with questions they have. Behind every working professional, comes a life and story, and a fun fact about me, is I love writing, so blogging seemed to be a perfect fit for me to engage an audience.

It's a new year, and with my Skin Sunday series launching tomorrow, January 5th, this post will be available prior for anyone wanting to get to know a bit about me on a less formal note than my "about " section on my website.


I've been working in the makeup industry since I was sixteen, seriously, not professionally of course, but I was doing people's makeup whenever we were going out, sweet sixteens, and even some event's. I always pictured myself having a more 9-5 job, I always had the traditional mindset, and I adore structure, but the power of seeing how much makeup truly affected someone, even for a night - moved me. Hearing someone say, "I feel beautiful," is all I can ask for, and it brings the biggest smile to my face.

I got called for my first official job as a makeup artist in 2016, when I was asked to work at Montefiore Hospital, for their children's fashion show. I'll never forget being asked when I walked into the room, "So you're the makeup artist?" Those words felt embedded in me, as cheesy as it sounds, and that 9-5 job, went straight out of my head. From high school, I attended Makeup Designory's Multimedia Program, learning everything from bridal to blood and gore, it was definitely an amazing experience. I was asked to work for both NYFW and NYBFW, which was an insane experience in itself, and something I won't forget. I went on to work for two amazing companies which taught me so much, before going back to school at Christine Valmy for esthetics. In 2019, I was then licensed as a New York State esthetician, and now I wear that with pride. Looking back on all I have done in such a short period of time, I rarely pat myself on the back, but it's definitely note worthy to my credibility, and it means a lot to me looking back.

On a less serious note, and on a more personal note, I'm a New York City girl. A proud cat mom to 2 adorable fur kids (if I may say so myself), and absolutely adore reality TV, in fact anything I can binge; however, I also adore curling up with a good book (hopefully with a cozy blanket, preferably from Barefoot Dreams, my favorite). In many aspects of my life my genres range, for example, music? I love everything from Frank Sinatra, Amy Winehouse, to The Weeknd, and Rihanna (I mean, who doesn't love Rihanna, but seriously, when is she dropping a new album?). I also have been diagnosed with endometriosis, which is something I definitely plan on talking about on this platform to bring more awareness to it. I guess the reason I'm writing this post, is to show whoever chooses to read my blog, that as a professional? I'm damn good at what I do, and as a a young adult? Well, I'm adulting, and we all know how that goes. I want to teach anything I possibly can to my audience, whether that be my mom and friends, who I'm definitely forcing to read my posts, or someone halfway across the world, who's interested in reading about what products I absolutely adore at the moment.

This blog to me, is a new start, something very different and out of my comfort zone. However, if you don't jump out of your comfort zone, you never know where life might take you. So I'm hoping you all stick around, and are excited for my Skin Sunday's, beauty posts, and of course I'll pepper in some lifestyle here and there; but my main focus is to engage and teach as many people I can, factual information that they can use to feel, and look their best.

Until next time, keep up with me on Instagram, & of course, reach out with any questions! xo
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