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Let's be OOO Together

Happy Wednesday blog readers, I hope that you're having a serene, and inspirational morning. This is an awaited post, and most definitely I wanted to highlight on my blog, as I am insanely proud of it, and grateful.

If you've followed me on social media, or have read one of the recent blog posts, or newsletters, you've heard of a mention of the group OOO Social Circle. So let's jump right into what exactly is OOO Social Circle?


How did it all get started?

In March of this year, I decided to found a group, on the app Geneva, for women in business, looking to connect with other likeminded women in business. Rewind a bit, I had been on Geneva for a few months. I enjoyed finding groups through influencers I had followed, or podcasts I listened to. I found that by finding a similar interest in someone (ie, podcast, influencer) we had a starting ground, and many people in the group were similarly asking, or talking about topics I dabbled in myself.

When I switched from working freelance, to a corporate position, I found myself longing for more women in similar positions going through, or having similar questions as I did. Yes, there were rooms for careers, however I felt a need to create a room. A room for women in business, looking to connect with other women. Where I felt a Geneva room lacked, I decided to create a space for it.

OOO Social Circle, est. 2022

So what is OOO Social Circle exactly? Well, I started OOO Social Circle, originally as Business Babes, in March of 2022. I wanted to create a safe space for women involved in any sort of business field to connect, about business, amongst other topics. So I opened the group, and I remember being stoked when it hit 50 members. I felt like I was creating a space truly, that women felt safe, and comfortable in to speak about business endeavors.

Now, in August of 2022, we have just hit over 900 members! Which is mind boggling to me, but with that, I am inspired to grow, and put out more content for the group, and for the group to grow on, talk about, and connect upon.

Recently, OOO had a bit of a "facelift" I took the rooms, and played around with them, making the rooms more topic heavy to speak on. Which, was wonderful feedback from the members; the OOO newsletter also recently went out, which is something I am excited to begin building.

So what's to come from OOO?

Well, OOO is what WE make of it. As proud as I am to found, and keep OOO going, I want this community to be a group effort, and for women to build connections they feel are valuable. I feel as though this has the potential to continue growing, for the best. In the upcoming weeks I am planning to set up an OOO networking hour for us gals to chat on, via Zoom, or another platform. Maybe in the future we can have city meet ups? I have also opened the doors for guest blogging for my website!

With us women together, it's hard not to succeed!

How to Join Out of Office?

Until next time, stay motivated, inspired, and always put your best foot forward to kick ass today.

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