Why you need to add lemon water to your routine!

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

Hello my Skin Sunday friends! Today I'm here with another blog post to help your overall wellness. We're talking about lemon water. If you don't have this incorporated in your routine, you definitely need to start, like asap. Every week I pick up fresh lemons, and honestly? It's one of the highlights of my week, and something I look forward to every day (it's really the little things in life that bring joy). Even though it obviously tastes great, let's talk about the benefits of lemon water, and why you should drink it daily.



Lemon water effects many aspects of the body. I preferably like to drink it first thing when I get up (yes, even before my coffee), while I tidy up, and brew my coffee, looking over my to do's I typically drink a 16 oz cold glass of water with a (sometimes hot, depending on my mood, but cold is nice and refreshing in the morning), with half a lemon squeezed in, and a tiny bit of sea salt. Yes, we'll discuss why I add salt a bit later in the post. But first, let's discuss how lemon water affects your overall health.

Health Benefits

First off, lemons are a wonderful form of vitamin C. Vitamin C is so important for repairing body tissues, your immune system, and healing wounds. It also helps with iron absorption, and Collagen. Lemon water also has amazing antibacterial benefits, and anti inflammatory agents, which is why it's amazing to drink warm tea with lemon when sick. Lemon water can also help with weight benefits by helping with the body's metabolic rate. Now, let me explain why I add a bit of sea salt to my water. Before I continue, let me clarify, I do not put a lot in, I have a grinder, and probably just do one grind into my 16 oz morning cup. By adding sea salt, it helps with fluid balance, ensuring water doesn't just pass through the body, but actually hydrates and keeps the body hydrated. I learned this trick from influencer, @kgmtl (by the way, I love Katherine's page for all wellness tips).

Skin Benefits

As stated in the first point of Health Benefits, vitamin C is amazing rich nutrient for the skin as well. Vitamin C will help aid the skin in fighting damage from the sun, helping slow down the aging process, and wrinkles. One thing that is common as well, but also applies to water, when keeping hydrated, it helps hydrate your skin as well. Another fact about lemon water is that it is rich with antioxidants, which help fight free radical damage; everything from pollution, toxins, and sun damage.

Hot vs Cold lemon water, what's correct?

Now, I've had lots of friends and family in my life who drink lemon water, but what's simply the way to drink it correctly? Well, to break it to you, there is no correct way - you still get all the benefits hot vs cold! The way I like to drink my lemon water, is starting off with a glass first thing in the morning (yes, even before coffee), with ice, and in the evening, I will make some tea, and always add a bit of lemon for an extra dose at night.

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