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Another month in my 20's, and I'm still figuring out who I want to be, but I'm becoming more comfortable as each day goes on. I feel like many people, despite the age, can relate to this statement. No matter what phase of life we're in, we are always trying to find a new and better versions of ourselves, and as I, and probably many of us, enter the second half of the year, it has us reflecting on the goals, and visions we had going into the year.

Burn out, is real. Especially when you feel at a "cross roads" of your life. If you have tuned into my past newsletters, you know I haven't been exactly consistent with blogging, because I am entering a new career, and quite frankly a new chapter in my life. It's change, and change is good. However, I am not quitting my passion for beauty, that fire will always live in my heart, and that's why I have this blog. I love writing, I love sharing what I'm thinking with an audience. So though my blog posts are rather sporadic, they come from true intent, and I hope that it is transparent. I am expanding as a young woman, and that is my @marlborovouge aka Carrie Bradshaw alias, it;'s me, in my truest form. Going forward, you can expect nothing less than transparency, my journey, stories, beauty posts, and so much more. & if you're looking for a bit more of stable content from me, you can always keep up with me on Instagram.

However with this all being said, it is perfectly fine to reimagine, reflect, and reinvent your life. & change may be scary, yet it is beautifully wonderful - remember that.


Have YOU heard of Clubhouse? It's an audio app connecting you with like minded people, & "clubs" that host rooms for you to chat in. My room, 'Serene and Blitzed' is a faux podcaster dream come true. It's where I chat with people about anything that comes to mind, while also of course, networking. The app has a waitlist, but luckily enough, if you click to join below, it'lll sign you up for my room + you'll be able to skip the waitlist!


Keeping up with my Blog Posts...

Piggy backing off of Clubhouse, that is where I met Christy Buss. Who quickly came a close friend of mine, and we bonded over skincare, talking about it at all and any times. Christy has relaunched her skincare line 'HEDO' - which is absolutely amazing. Until you can get your hands on it make sure to read all about Christy & her journey down below.

Piggy backing off of Clubhouse, that is where I met Christy Buss. Who quickly came a close friend of mine, and we bonded over skincare, talking about it at all and any times. Christy has relaunched her skincare line 'HEDO' - which is absolutely amazing. Until you can get your hands on it make sure to read all about Christy & her journey down below.

What am I listening to? & What am I obsessed with?

First off, if you have read the news letter, you know last month I was reading "The Woman in the Window" by AJ Finn, and I adored it. About two weeks after finishing, Netflix put the movie out. 🤯 I was actually happy how the movie depicted the book. If you didn't read the book, definitely do so, and if you haven't seen the movie? Run to Netflix now for an amazing thriller for the evening.

However as of recent, podcasts have really taken back over my audio space, shorter, and quicker stories. So I figured I'd highlight two of my favorites to listen to throughout the day as I go about daily adulting, we all know it can be monotonous, so why not spice it up.

Hot girl walk...if you know, you know. Spending time outside to connect to yourself and nature is so important. It not only is good for getting your body moving, but also helps to clear your mind, and this podcast is perfect for leveling up the walk. It's all about wellness, and lifestyle, especially during these days, and the segments are so well formulated.

To Live and Die in LA, is a Tenderfoot production podcast, with two seasons following different crimes, occurring obviously in LA. Neil Strauss narrates the podcast in a way where the story entices you as the case plays out. Season two is an active case, which takes you one twists and turns wildly. Yet, if you like true crime, I have a feeling you'll love the podcast.

Now let's talk about some products, not all beauty and skin, but let's start with those.

For skincare, I haven't switched much around since my blog post mentioned above, but I'd love to spotlight three products, which I cannot live without this Summer. First is, the 'HEDO' Enzyme Face Polish; which was created by my friend Christy. Yet I love how gentle this exfoliator is, and the ingredients in it truly works to stimulate the skin. Secondly , being that is it Summer, I need to share the SPF I have been loving and using. The La Roche-Posay Anthelios SX | SPF Moisturizer; it is amazing for sensitive skin, and being that it is a mineral moisturizer it feels lightweight on the skin, and doesn't have a cast post makeup.

Since it's Summer I have been obsessed with light and easy makeup. Some products that have been making this an easy job for me are: the Dr Jart Tiger Grass Color Correcting SPF 30 Cream, which I have spoken praises about on my blog before, it truly is a product I cannot live without. I even have a mini in my bag to go. The concealer I have been obsessed with is quite a throwback, but it gives my skin the glow I need without looking oily, especially since I haven't been using foundation. What concealer am I talking about? The Maybelline Age Rewind, trust me, give it a go and I promise I think you'll find you like it. Now, in lieu of foundation, I have been using the Neutrogena SkinClearing Mineral Powder. Now as an esthetician, I can say I don't think it's really giving my skin any benefits, but as an artist, I adore this powder for light coverage for the face that keeps your skin, looking like skin! It's easy to touch up, and honestly the best, I don't see it leaving my collection any time soon. Lastly, for Summer, I have been loving going a bit harder on blush, and bronzer. I still cannot let go of my Hourglass Ambient Light Bronzer, yet for my blush, I went a bit darker, just apply it carefully to avoid the clown look - but the perfect blush in my opinion for Summer is Miilani Baked Blush, in the shade 'Rose D'oro' which is just...chefs kiss!


I know this newsletter was a long one, but I figured I'd make up for lost time on the blog, and update you all on what's been going on, and what's happening going forward. I'm excited for the journey to come, the unknown is scary, but also thrilling. If you want to see more of me aside from the blog + newsletter, make sure to keep up with me on socials, listed below, and join Clubhouse using my link above, I'm always hopping on to rooms in there to chat, it's honestly my favorite social platform, but that's aside from the point.

Until next time friends, be well, healthy, and have so much damn fun with YOUR journey.

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