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Updated: Aug 16, 2022

If you've read my blog before, I'm sure you're thinking, another rebrand?! If you haven't...well, you caught me at a good time to reintroduce myself. My name is Samantha Quackenbush, I am a licensed esthetician turned insurance agent, odd outcome of events, isn't it? Trust me, five years ago, I would've never bet money on that I'd be sitting in an corporate position (nonetheless, enjoying it)! Well, times for sure have changed, and with changes, come rebrands.

I've done a few "revamps" on my website throughout the years, and it always reflected my esthetic industry; however, being in insurance now, I had to completely rebrand my website, socials, and more to reflect where I am at this current point of my life, and for my audience, well, I wanted to update you all as well, hence, this catch up blog post.


Well... what exactly is happening in my life?

Well, since my last blog post, I've taken the time to myself to genuinely curate what I want to be doing, and where my "creativity" should be flowing to. I still do esthetics for private clients here in the New York area, however, I have taken the reigns back to focus on my insurance clients. With that new mindset, I began to curate a group for women to connect with other women in business -- OOO Social Circle, which will be a post on it's on to come. This community has brought me so much joy, and sparked so much creativity, that in which inspired me to redo my website.

So, what should the audience expect from my blog?

I've done a lot of brainstorming as to what my blog is going to offer my audience, and what it simply come's down to, is good reading and shared experiences. I want to blog about anything, and everything. Lifestyle, beauty, wellness, and more. I want to shed light on topics important to me, and my audience. Which is why I am looking for some writers to be featured on the blog, from my OOO group, and that's a work in progress, but nonetheless, in progress!

Bringing back the newsletters!

When I use to send out weekly newsletters to my audience, it was always well received. Including beauty favorites, podcast recommendations, home décor favorites, life updates, and some other little tips and tricks - which is exactly what I want this new newsletter to be, a shared experience for likeminded people. The first newsletter I'll be bringing to fruition is the OOO Social Circle - coming out August 12th.


So while this post was a brief catch up, you can go back and toggle through the few blog posts I have left up on the blog (I left up only a few of my favorite posts written over the course of the past few years), however, for more up to date updates, make sure to follow me on the socials listed below.

Until next time, stay motivated, inspired, and always put your best foot forward to kick ass today.

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