Get Ready With Me; quick, easy, and durable everyday makeup routine!

We all know how it is, or at least I like to think those who are reading my blog do — we have a busy schedule, and we dont have all morning to get ourselves ready for the outside world to judge us as “presentable.” Trust me, even though my passion is doing esthetics, of course there are days where I want to do absolutely nothing.

Yet I have gotten a routine down that’s quick, easy, durable, and efficient to do the job for me looking alive to the world, and genuinely feeling better about myself! I’m sure most people can agree, when you are putting effort in to look better (and do better), you feel better!

So today I wanted to share my sworn and true quick, and easy makeup routine for daily use. The products I mention are solely based of what I use, and you can feel free to use whichever products suit you; yet with a simple routine, I finally feel confident enough to share my non makeup, makeup, quite simple to explain, right?

Likewise, enough of me rambling, and let’s get into the steps of my everyday routine to looking quite fabulous and put together...


First off is always the base, prepping your skin for any application, whether it’s tackling a day with just skincare, or doing full on glam, alllows your skin to protect, nourish, and keep the acid mantle at bay. I had planned on doing a separate post on how to prep your skin, for makeup application, but including it in this post only seems correct!

Which products do I use to prep my skin?

The blend of these products products the skin from outside allergens, while hydrating the face and creating the perfect base for your makeup to lie on top of. Purchasing the Dr Jart Color Correcting Cream was definitely a game changer, and time saver in my routine - with this product, it evens out your skin, and corrects any discoloration leaving only so little things to correct for your daily glow.

So now that the base is completed, which products am I using for my face? Well, let's break it down!

Facial Base;

I don't believe I missed any products, and hopefully you are able to grasp some steps to implement into your daily routine to cut down the time we spend getting ready in the morning; just because we want to look and feel good, doesn't mean it should take forever. This routine use to take me about a half hour, now it takes me about 15/20 max, because it's so imbedded in my head through repetition. When you find a routine in any aspect of life, stick with it when it works for you!

As always, I hope this blog post inspires you a bit to dable into what you aspire your daily routine to look like; and until next time, be well, healthy, and fabulous. Oh, and of course don't forget to catch up with me on social media!


disclaimer: as all personal beauty and skincare posts, aside from licensed knowledge, all product reviews are based off personal use of that product. I highly recommend to my clients, as well as anyone coming across this post to preform a test patch prior to use (either on neck closer to jawline, or by ear on jawline) before trying any products.

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