Favorite Podcasts to Listen to

Do you like listening to podcasts? Between audiobooks, and podcasts, both are my favorite escape from the world. I've had my audile account for years, and constantly am recommending books to people that I love, but when it comes to podcasts - it's hard to keep track, I'm constantly finding new podcasts that I love, and find interesting.

I like podcasts, audiobooks, music, you name it in pretty much all genres, I like to dabble in a lot. So I figured I'd compile my most listen to genres and share my favorite from each that I have on rotation throughout the week. From one podcast lover, to another, here's my recommendations!

True Crime



If you see any shows you've listened to + share a bond with me over, shoot me a message, and don't forget to let me know your favorite podcasts as well. Until next time, stay well sweet readers, and hopefully you find some background noise until the next post!

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