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Updated: Apr 2, 2021

Happy Skin Sunday, my blog pals. Today we’re talking all things at home skincare tools.

We always speak about the products of at home skin care, but now today we are tackling the tools behind the products. Now, not all tools are safe at home even though deemed as such (yes, I’m talking about facial rollers that can permanently damage the skin‘s layers). Just because you’ve seen a blogger, influencer, or even esthetician use a tool, it doesn’t always help the skin, but rather damage the skin. I explain this to my client’s all the time, one simple mistake, can cause skin damage or pigmentation. In fact, a great example of that, would be those blackhead removing tools (specifically the ones with the duel loops on each end). I had been using one, prior to becoming an esthetician around my nose area, and pushed too hard on a pimple that wasn't truly ready to be popped, and I ended up busting a capillary. Now, though people may not notice it, I do, and had I left alone my silly little blemish, I would have no busted capillary!

So let’s talk about my top 5 favorite at home skin tools to have around the house for quick and efficient for at home use.


Skin Spatula / Skin Spatula

One of the most common questions I get, especially recently with my online consultations, is how to remove blackheads since facials aren’t really an option right now (in NYS, it is still illegal to practice facials). However, extracting without caution may cause scarring, hyperpigmentation, discoloration, etc. So I always recommend a Skin Scrubber, they truly are the best! You can find one on Amazon, all reasonably priced, the one I send to my clients is the 'KingdomCares Skin Scrubber Blackhead Removal, Pore Cleanser, Comedone Extractor' - which is the one I have and use. There are two sides, the sonic pulsation side, and the scrubber; the sonic pulsation side will help to penetrate products deeper within the skin layers, and the other spatula side, is used as an exfoliator, which is why you only want to use the exfoliation side once or twice a week to avoid over exfoliation.

HOW TO: I'm sure there are a million videos on the internet on how to use a Skin Scrubber, however, one video that shows how to properly use the spatula side that I have showed my clients is by an esthetician on Instagram @esty_lauren. In the video you can see how to properly hold the spatula, and glide across the skin, you can also see the congestion coming out of the skin. The sonic pulsation side you will want to flip around and slowly go upwards on the skin.

High Frequency

One day in esthetics class, I had walked in with a HUGE blemish on my cheek, it was even painful. My esthetics teacher mixed a concoction to put on, which included zinc, niacinamide, and a mask from my school at the time. After ten minutes, we removed the mask, and he used the high frequency machine on me - now, let me tell you, at first the sound of it is quite scary, but guess what? There's no pain! My teacher "zapped" the blemish a few times, and the next day, the blemish was gone! I was shocked, it worked so well that I went home and bought the one my teacher had right away, which is on amazon 'High Frequency Facial Machine, MQ Portable High Frequency Machine.' There are tons of benefits to high frequency, which includes promoting hair growth, clearing up the skin, eliminating bacteria on the skin, reduces wrinkles, sagging, and redness. The machine comes with a bunch of different glass probes, I mainly use the mushroom head probe, which is great for blemishes, and all around the face.

HOW TO: As always, use all products mentioned with caution, this product specifically due to the frequency of applying it directly to your face with electricity. However, it's super easy, plug the machine in, and you can either trace the probe around your whole face (which is recommended for acne), or if you just have a blemish, just zap the blemish by quickly just touching the probe to the pimple about 5 times, and that's it!

LED Mask

LED masks are hands down the most amazing treatment, because all you need is yourself, the mask, and a place to lay, 10 to 15 minutes of treatment is super relaxing knowing your skin is being taken care of. LED masks have different settings, all settings (colors) for different treatments. The one I always recommend, is the 'Project E Beauty LED Light Therapy.'

HOW TO: As simple as this product is to explain, it's also as simple to use. Analyze your skin, and see what's going on, what your skin needs. Wash your face, pick the color function that matches what you want to treat, and lay down for 10-15 minutes and allow the mask to do the work for you! Follow the treatment with your regular routine, whether morning or evening regime!


I'm sure most of us are familiar with facial rollers, however, I prefer a Gua Sha. I will always recommend Gua Sha's to my clients for morning and evening routines. It helps with lymphatic drainage, puffiness, firming and toning the skin, and helping products to penetrate. I wish I could find the link to the one I have - TruBeauty, because it heats, and cools for extra added benefits while using the tool. However, one on Amazon that I love, is 'Inoka Gua Sha Massage Tool for Face + Body.' ps, if any of my audience finds the TruBeauty Gua Sha, shoot me a DM on Instagram so I can link it in this post!

HOW TO: Gua Sha's like facial rollers are pretty self explanatory, however, rather than me explaining I'd rather give you a visual, Danna Omari, a fellow esthetician has perfected the art of using a Gua Sha in facials, and has a wonderful informative video, which can be found here!

Dry Brush

Dry brushing is a ritual of mine, so soothing for me. Before showering, incorporating a natural bristle brush, similar to 'Dry Body Brush Exfoliator,' can help with lymphatic drainage, and exfoliation. I love dry brushing to remove an old self tan that’s looking a little wonky. One of my personal favorite benefits of dry brushing, which is personal to me, is the getting rid of keratosis pilaris, aka “chicken skin.” Which is small bumps (not acneic), on your upper arm, to back arm. Utilizing dry brushing, plus using ‘Skin Fix, resurface +‘ which was mentioned in my ‘Body Nourishment,” post – has almost eliminated the issue.

HOW TO: Using a natural bristle brush, beginning at the legs brush upwards towards the heart in circular motions. Everywhere on your body, you want to be brushing circularly towards to heart (ie. wrist to bicep, ankle to thigh, etc). This will, like stated help with exfoliation of the body, and lymphatic drainage.


On Saturday, I put a question box asking my audience to ask any questions they had about at home facial tools, and I got a few that I'd love to address! As always, if you have any questions for me, my Instagram is always linked!

Q: Are those derma rollers good for the skin?

A: Absolutely not! I am so against derma rollers, unless your esthetician has provided you instructions. Like I always state, sometimes doing even minor treatments to your skin, if you are unaware how to do it properly, you will damage your skin. Similar to St.Ive’s scrub, the exfoliant is not circular and can tear the skin on a microscopic level which can be seen through certain devices, and damage skin down the line, as you age. so no, stay away from dermarollers, and absolutely St.Ive’s scrub, every estheticians nightmare.

Q: You mentioned dry brushing, what exactly is it?

A: I’m so glad I received this question because I already had it in mind for this blog post (duh, you can see above)! Dry brushing on the body is such a wonderful form of lymphatic drainage, and exfoliation. Make sure to always massage and go towards the heart, as I explained above. I would definitely incorporate into your routine. If my audience would like, I’d love to create a blog post on dry brushing 101, what do you guys think?

Q: Thoughts on facial rollers?

A: Amazing! Just like my Gua Sha obsession mentioned above, I adore rollers! I typically store my rollers in the freezer for an added benefit of anti inflammation. Facial rollers are wonderful, with similar effects to Gua Sha’s they are very similar in category, but it’s just preference!

Q: Best tool to get rid of pores?

A: As I always tell my clients you cannot get rid of pores, they are sweat glands! Which help to excrete toxins out of the body, and regulate temperature – so they’re doing us a favor! However, the best tool to minimize (key word) the appearance of pores, is probably high frequency which I’ve mentioned above in this post.

Until next time, keep up with me on Instagram, & of course, reach out with any questions! xo
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