The @estiebestiespodcast is here!

So, it's official, my podcast dreams have come true, and being a true podcast lover, I'm proud to announce me and one of my closest friends, and fellow esthetician & makeup artist, Ashley have created a podcast! Being someone who lives and breathes podcasts, audiobooks, etc (commuting in NYC makes you live off them, trust me) and if you know me, you know I'm always recommending a new podcast, you can image how exciting this is!

Me and Ashley began speaking a few months ago, and the idea was born of a podcast, both of us being makeup artists & licensed esthetician's, we thought it could be a great concept to have a weekly platform to discuss anything & everything, from weekly beauty news, to favorites of the week, at home beauty treatments, and answering questions from listeners. The thought first crossed our minds in June of 2019, with ideas floating around left and right. Between the both of us, we're both spitfires with passionate ideas that need to be perfected, so we weren't just going to put any production together. Ash and I spent months planning, getting audio perfected, getting ideas organized, and more importantly, understanding why we truly wanted to do this - to educate and inform consumers and lovers of beauty. Before we were professionals, we were just lovers of beauty, and that's what we wanted this to become. A cultivated podcast for all those who love beauty, whether you're someone who loves a full beat face, or someone who loves some BB cream and mascara. We wanted to create a weekly discussion from beauty news, to products, and even some plain girl chat! So make sure to be following our instagram page for more updates to come, and join us for our official first episode launching on February 17th. We are so insanely excited to get your feedback.

It's so exciting to take this next venture for both of us in our career, and we're excited to finally share it with everyone. You can reach Ashley on her Instagram, and website.

Until next time, keep up with me on Instagram, & of course, reach out with any questions! xo

* edit to this post, on June 9. As of today, my fellow co host and I have split ways deciding to end the podcast. This podcast was something so amazing, being able to reach so many people in different parts of the country, and world to share our love of beauty and skin, along with just girl chat! However, business projects fizzle out, and when you are no longer seeing eye to eye, it is best for the passion project to end, instead of producing something that's "half ass" excuse my language. Yet, I was so grateful for the support we had along the way, which will always be amazing.



Licensed Esthetician & Makeup Artist