Double cleansing, what is it?

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

What is the difference between double and regular cleansing, why go the extra step, what products do you use, lastly, what is it? In this blog post, we will tackle the discussion of double cleansing, and I'm glad to share with my Skin Sunday audience!

Simply put, double cleansing is exactly what it sounds like, cleansing twice. First using an oil based remover, then following with a water based cleanser.

In this Skin Sunday post, I'll be breaking down, why double cleansing is so efficient, how to properly double cleanse, and what products are the best. Once understanding fully how efficient double cleansing is, you'll never think of cleansing your face in any other way, trust me, I promise.


— Double cleansing is something that my sixteen year old self with her Neutrogena wipes, would die at the thought of. No shade, Neutrogena makeup wipes are definitely amazing, but, a double step at cleansing? For what reason? Well, it's actually quite simple, and makes a ton of sense. Oil breaks down products, and therefore, breaks up the makeup on your face. Once I began double cleansing, I noticed a difference in my skin immediately, and how thoroughly clean it felt, there was no residue, and I was breaking out a lot less. Step one of double cleansing is breaking down your makeup with an oil based cleanser, try to work and massage your face as you melt the product onto your skin, and then, rinse. Once done, take your water based cleanser, and follow with cleansing as you regularly would, and when finished, remember, always pat dry (rubbing and tugging at your skin will cause wrinkles down the line)! The difference between that simple step is quite easy to understand; with just a makeup wipe, you are smearing makeup onto and around your face. With just cleanser, you might get most of your debris and grime, but I promise you there is still some there that hasn't been broken down. Whereas, with an oil cleanser, you are breaking the product down, dissolving it, and then going back in with another cleanser to fully take off the rest of the residue. Lastly, a note I feel that is so important to make, is that I do feel like double cleansing has become popular, however, I see many people thinking coconut oil is acceptable to use. Now, yes, coconut oil acts just like any other oil based remover, and will break down the product. However, coconut oil is extremely comedogenic, which means that is is likely and tends to cause blemishes to the skin.

So long story short, the difference with double cleansing, is a full thorough breakdown of your makeup, and the step estheticians take when cleansing your face for a facial.

— Now, though I think oil based cleansers are best for the nights where we are putting glam on, what about the days where you spend no time in makeup, but are just (and as you should be) consistent with routine? Well, I still double cleanse, and always recommend my clients to. No one ever said cleansing too much was a bad thing, well, maybe unless you were washing excessively like five times, but let's not dwell on that. What I'm saying is, what if you spent a day off work binging on the couch watching some Netflix, and joyfully cleaning and organizing your house (maybe I'm just explaining my days off, oops)? Well on these days, I indeed still do double cleanse. However, on these days, my favorite product hands down to use, prior to washing my face with my regular non oil based cleanser, is Garnier Micellar Water. I love micellar water, and think it works beautifully, but I will say I do save it for the days of little to no makeup. In this case, you don't need oil to breakdown anything, because your skin naturally produces it's own oil, and cleansing with micellar water followed with a cleanser, will remove any excess oil your skin has produced on your already clean skin, avoiding any future breakouts. However, if I'm using a full nights glam, I'm absolutely using my full double cleanse with oil, and water.

So, product wise, what to use? What are the best products? Down below I have linked some of my favorite cleansers, oil and water. Though, going to a local esthetician, or dermatologist will help put you on a routine specific for you, as I will always suggest.

Until next time, keep up with me on Instagram, & of course, reach out with any questions! xo
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