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Day in the Life, what's my routine?

Hello friends! Today I wanted to talk about my routine. Routine is something so important to me, (hello I'm a Capricorn). In the past year with COVID, I believe beauty and wellness have become one, and finally is getting the spotlight it deserves. With our routines supporting a positive, healthy lifestyle, so it will reflect upon ourselves. Structure is so important, and even if you are someone who is like air and loves to flow with the wind, having some sort of structure throughout the day to ground you will always help allow your mind and body to rest in most aspects. When you are able to wake up, and go to sleep with a solid source of what is to be done to ground you helps to stabilize every other habit and event during the day.

I personally love hearing other people's day to day's to see what I could adapt into my own routine, so I wanted to share what I typically do in a day with my audience to inspire a routine or habit into your daily day to day.


Recently on Instagram, I shared my morning routine holy grail habits to have a successful morning for my own self, which I have included here as well. For me, setting my morning up to be serene and productive, is something that I desperately need. Without my morning routine, my day may be frantic, and I totally am not granted.

So let's break it down...

8:00 am. rise and shine.

First thing I do when I'm awake? Meditate, gratitude, and prayer. For me this takes no longer than 15 minutes but is the best part of my day. I personally love the app "Insight Timer" and I typically do a 10 minute meditation, followed by a quick gratitude list, which I use "5 Minute Journal," which you can get on Amazon, or on the App Store to store your gratitude.

8:15 am. coffee and getting into the day.

Personally, I am a morning person, but my body? Not so much, it doesn't want to be up that early, which isn't even early compared to most, yet I find easing myself into the morning is the most pleasurable. So after waking up, brewing coffee, and picking an audio to listen to, whether that be an audiobook, or podcast, I'll always pick something to ease the morning that is quite mindless but holds information.

8:30 am. quick tidy.

Adulting, something we all hold. So while consuming my lifeline, aka coffee, and listening to whichever audio I pick, I'll tidy up my apartment. From unloading the dishwasher, to making my bed, and putting all items away where they belong, I'll always take the time to quickly tidy my apartment so throughout the day I don't have to worry about it.

8:45 am. time to check socials, and check into reality.

I definitely utilize the downtime feature on my phone, and set it until 8:45 am, knowing my routine. Once I sit down at my home office to check emails, my to do's, I'll also quickly check socials. I've been really working on getting my screen time down, so I try to quickly check everything in the morning, once in the afternoon, and then before I go to sleep - specifically Instagram, but I definitely wait in the morning to open socials, because I want to be completely grounded before hopping onto the internet.

9:00 am. let's get that body moving.

I was graciously gifted "@getthemirror" last year, and boy, it was the best investment I have ever subscribed to. Having the convince of a gym in your own home, with basically a personal trainer is the BEST thing. I basically have no excuse not to workout. Even on the days where I want to change it up, I'll take a walk, instead of being inside, but definitely getting my body moving is so key.

9:30 am. let's get ready for the day.

Finally it's time to prepare for whatever is to come ahead, a beautiful shower, followed by hair and quick makeup for the day ahead, takes about a half hour, but fully prepares for whatever faces the day.

10:30 am. course work.

As of recently, if you have subscribed to my Newsletter, you know that I have a new job, and I am currently in training and have to study coursework before passing another NYS licensing degree, for insurance. So I'll spend whichever amount of time it takes to finish a chapter that I am working on, as well as a practice exam.

1:00 pm. family time.

I am so fortunate to live so close to my family, so typically I'll take the time to go visit my grandparents, check in with the family business, and spend time with loved ones. This is such a fulfilling soul task that is so important to me, especially as an only child, my grandparents are 88, and spending every moment I can, is so important, so a quick daily trip is absolutely nothing.

2:30pm. content work.

Although it doesn't always seem like I'm writing blog posts, I'm always working on something related to socials. Planning Instagram content, writing blog posts, updating the site, on my newfound love Clubhouse. I try to squeeze about a half hour to an hour of my passion project of content work into my day, to also soothe my mind of the "social media fomo" as I'm trying to reduce screen time, big goal of this year. I'll take this time to sort socials, plan, write, and check emails while having some lunch, or more so, a mid day coffee.

The rest of my day, before my evening routine, is open to whatever plans are brought to my attention. I always want to squeeze in my "must do's" like mentioned earlier in the post, but afterwards is when I schedule anything else that's going on throughout the week; aside from things that may come up.

6:30 pm. let's eat.

Depending on the day this time may change, but 6:30 is my ideal time to eat. Trust me, I'm trying to eat healthy to burn those quarantine pounds away, but...who doesn't love some comfort food and cocktails every now and again? Usually I'll go out, or order in, cause I'm not quite the cook, but throwing together is good salad is also my go to, so easy, delicious, and healthy.

7:30pm. last to do's of the day. Sitting down at my desk, I'll transfer whatever to do's weren't accomplished to the next day, schedule my day ahead, and look at any last emails I have for unplugging for the evening. if you know me I'm an avid do not disturb user on my iPhone, so after 9pm, all socials go off, and after 8pm anything work related gets tossed to the side as well, mentally I unplug so that I'm able to truly get into a relaxing vibe for the evening.

8:00pm. stretch + shower.

Ideally, I love to stream a stretch session on @getthemirror, yet even if I can't get a full class in, I'll do some light stretching to loosen up whatever's tight, and shake any tension from the day behind, following it up by a relaxing warm shower. One of my favorite little bonuses is a Christmas present that my aunt bought me from Bed, Bath, and Beyond, is a heated towel warmer, and throwing my pj's, robe, and towel, in there after a shower is practically like being a baby and being rocked to sleep, a total mood booster.

8:30pm. time to unwind, and relax.

One of my favorite points of my day, curled onto my couch with my fur babes, skincare lathered on, glass of wine in hand, and catching up on whatever show has caught my attention (right now, it's The Circle on Netflix, totally addictive). My apartment is always dimly lit, with tons of candles, and good vibed; so until I pass out, I'll gratefully take in the day behind me, think about the day ahead, and enjoy the evening I have.

And that is my day to day routine. Of course everyday presents new adulting to do's, plans, and actives, but having a backbone structure to lean back on daily keeps me grounded, and mentally sane. Let me know some of YOUR favorite rituals to include in your routine, and don't forget to keep up with me on socials.

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