Coffee with Friends, ☕️ ft. Antoniya Todorova

Updated: Apr 3, 2021

In the world one thing almost every human craves is other human interaction. We need friends, partners, family, motivators, mentors, etc. We find our favorite influencers, or bloggers, or just experienced people within a field, through the same common theme, having something in common with them, that you connect with, and want to follow along with their journey. Same thing with friends, you bond, and end up wanting to spend time together (duh). Well in my new series, "Coffee with Friends" I'll be chatting with friends of mine, and hopefully later down the line expanding the circle, that are developing a brand of their own, have a story to tell, or have interesting feedback. I want my blog to be a platform that is constantly evolving, and this series is amazing to get to find new people to connect with, and follow their life journey.

Today on my blog, we are lucky to have Antoniya Todorova, @antoniyatodorova. Their online brand focuses on lifestyle, nursing, wellness, and just about everything else. So today I'm lucky to be able to virtually "sit down" with Antoniya, who happens to be a good friend of mine and have her answer some Qs, and have some coffee conversations.


A bit about yourself, and your background.

Hello there! I grew up in sunny Texas after moving here from eastern europe when I was 3 years old. After graduating highschool 4 years ago I moved to Dallas with my parents and have been living here since. Living at home has been such a blessing that gives me time to focus on nursing school, working as a technician in a hospital, and balancing all of my hobbies. My very first creative outlet, youtube, started as early as 6th grade when I would record makeup videos on my sister’s ipad. From there I started to create vlogs, style inspo, and nursing school advice videos. Nowadays, I like to dabble into a bit of everything- youtube, blogging, style inspo on instagram, and sharing my daily life/struggles on my insta story.

Question 01 Why you curated an online presence and what you hope to accomplish from it?

Social media quickly became something special to me. It was initially something fun and creative to do. I then realized it was a way for me to connect to other people and even provide a place of comfort, inspiration, and motivation. I started getting messages from people on instagram or youtube telling me that my nursing videos inspire them to keep going and that I’ve helped them become more organized.I realized my youtube and blog wasn’t just about me… it was something for others too. It was an incredibly fulfilling feeling to see that me being open and transparent about my experiences was a source of motivation for others. My biggest goal is to continue to be that source of light and maybe even provide some laughs along the way.

Question 02 Greatest lesson you have learned that you would pass on to another?

The best piece of advice I can give anyone is to be yourself. With a world revolving around social media and being so involved in the everyday routines of just about becomes really easy to lose yourself. Life is short, don’t waste it trying to be someone else when there’s so many wonderful things about YOU!

Question 03 Favorite TV show to binge watch, and who's the character you relate to most?

My absolute favorite TV show to binge would be Friends or SATC! Those are definitely the two shows I can mindlessly watch and also feel super inspired by. If you know me you probably can agree that I’m a spicy mix of Rachel Greene and Monica Geller (a clean freak who loves being bold with her style.) As far as SATC… who doesn’t relate to Carrie Bradshaw? I’d wear a tutu skirt with Manolos any day.

Question 04 With the past year of restrictions, if/when you are able to travel – which culture + city would you like to visit and learn about?

As I get older I crave going back home to Europe and immersing myself in that fabulous european lifestyle. If I had to pick I would instantly pack a carry-on and go straight to the castles in Austria or the pasta in Italy...maybe even ride a bike with a baguette in southern France? Either way, I’m happy to travel just about anywhere right now.

Question 05 Top FIVE favorite products currently loving?

Top 5 picks from Antoniya's collection:

  1. 1. Mario badescu mint lip balm (i'm on my 5th bottle now)

  2. 2. Colorful jaw clips (name an easier & more effortless way to put your hair up?)

  3. 3. Hanes men’s zip-up hoodie in L (super cozy & it’s on amazon prime)

  4. 4. My essential oil perfume from whole foods in the scent “amber”

  5. 5. Glossier’s boy brow

Until next time, friends. Let me know on socials how you like this new series, and who YOU would like to hear from next.

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