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Coffee with Friends, ☕️ ft. Christy Buss

Happy Monday blog friends! I figured to kick off the week with a more motivational post, and a continuation of the "Coffee with Friends" series on my blog, with prior posts linked below. Creating this series has lead to me truly connecting with amazing individuals in so many different fields, especially on Clubhouse, which is where I met our guest today, Christy Buss. A kickass CEO, who has become a wonderful friend of mine.

We are lucky to have Christy Buss, @christycbuss. Her online brand focuses on skincare, lifestyle, dance & choreography, and wellness. So today I'm lucky to be able to virtually "sit down" with Christy, pick her brain a bit and have her answer some Qs, and have some coffee conversations.


A bit about yourself, and your background.

I am a dancer, choreographer, entrepreneur/business owner over 28 years, and now launching and rebranding my very own skincare line.

I was born in St. Louis Mo, and danced at my moms dance studio through the age of 18 and at 19 won "The All American Girl" contest in Las Vegas, Nevada. After winning and receiving 2 tv contracts as well as $50,000 I came to Los Angeles to pursue my dancing and acting career. I danced with the Los Angeles Rams, and did 8 USO tours around the world. Danced with the Los Angeles Clippers, and choreographed for daytime TV Shows including Days of Our Lives/Passions.

From there started my own dance studio, married Johnny Buss, who his father owned the Los Angeles Lakers.

Recently had my own talk show Ageless Ambitions. I had guests such as Michael Cooper who played with the "Showtime" Lakers and Magic Johnson and 1 impartial guest Indira Hodzic who was an entrepreneur and owned 3 medical spas at the age of 30. She intrigued me and learned about skincare, as I always took care of my body as a dancer, eat clean ect. I studied with her for the last 4 years and now have my skincare line.

I love sports, traveling, and seeing family when I can.

Question 01 Why you curated an online presence and what you hope to accomplish from it?

I curated on online presence because I want everyone to know my products and what they stand for. Clean, natural, no artificial colors, no fragrance, paraben free, and no toxic chemical preservatives. I chose the best of the best of each product to get the best results in each category. Cleanser, hydrator, skin protector, brighter, moisturizer, primer, lip protector...and more! With that online presence, a great name and brand coming June 1, 2021 - I am ready for the world to know this amazing line of skincare!

Question 02 Greatest lesson you have learned that you would pass on to another?

Trust your gut, and your instincts they are usually right. Go with true professionals who know their sh*t. Do your research in people who say what they do. Its very important.

Question 03 Favorite TV show to binge watch, and who's the character you relate to most?

Friends hehe.. Monica is Me!

Question 04 With the past year of restrictions, if/when you are able to travel – which culture + city would you like to visit and learn about?

Last year was a tough year being quarantined, but I learned a lot just having to stay home, with that I traveled around the world so much but my favorite places are Hawaii and Italy! I just love the culture and want to learn Italian and discover more to that beautiful country.

Question 05 Top FIVE favorite products currently loving?

Top 5 picks from Christy's collection:

  1. Beyond meat!

  2. Dr. Shultz superfood

  3. Make up forever powder

  4. My Purifying Gel Cleanser

  5. Lululemon

  6. + an extra bonus :) Skims

It's amazing how you are able to connect with people over the internet and develop friendships, as long as a new person to look up to. Christy is a true entrepreneur, and a badass one at that, her hustle is much admired. Make sure to keep up with Christy on Instagram, here. Check her website out, here; and make SURE to set a reminder on June 1st for her skincare relaunch. I was lucky enough to receive products from her, and man, they're amazing, and I can't wait to go into that more in a future post.

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