Let's talk about Body Nourishment!

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

It's Skin Sunday, my favorite day of the week. Sunday's, as you know if you regularly read my blog posts, are all about taking the time to focus on truly taking care of yourself. It's super easy throughout the week to put your self care on the back burner, and just going through the waves of the week.

However, with taking care of our hair, nails, and face - sometimes we neglect taking care of our body. So this post is going to be a Body Nourishment 101 post, from exfoliation, to good body butters, I'll be covering all bases. Take the time to nourish your skin, besides, it is our largest organ!



Exfoliating isn't something just for your face, and you absolutely should be exfoliating your body once to twice a week. My two favorite ways of at home body exfoliating are scrubs, and dry brushing. Dry brushing is something I speak more about in episode 7 of our podcast, so you'll have to listen to that. Secondly, scrubs are amazing for the body, one of my favorites being this amazing DIY coffee scrub, which smells delicious, but works wonders.

Dry brushing is a physical exfoliant, meaning is removes the top layer of dead skin. Dry brushing is using a natural bristle brush clockwise towards your heart, which helps with circulation, lymphatic drainage, and exfoliation.

Body Moisturizers

Coconut Melt, Kopari ($28)

My first favorite deeply nourishing body oil is from Kopari - their Coconut Melt. Now yes, I am not in favor of using coconut oil on the face due to it clogging pores. However for a body that has no acne issues, this is an amazing product. Typically after dry brushing I will use this all over over, warming it in between my hands. I adore this oil, and it smells so yummy. This is definitely for dry skin, and helps replenish moisture.

Coco Cabana, Sol de Janeiro ($45)

This is the cream that sits in my night stand. I'll typically apply this while winding down for the night, and laying in bed. It smells absolutely delicious, it's very scented, but I personally love it. Their other Brazilian Bum Bum is also amazing as a Summer scent. Another amazing body cream that's deeply hydrating.

Resurface+ AHA Renewing Cream, Skinfix ($45)

I have keratosis pilaris, which can look like very small tiny acne bumps on your upper arm, also known as "chicken skin." I find that a lot of products claim to be fixing this issue, however, very seldom does the cream actually help. However, this resurfacing cream has worked wonders for me! My arms are super smooth, and I'll use this every time I get out of the shower. I adore this product.

Healing Ointment, Aquaphor (12.99)

Aquaphor is my absolute holy grail go to for overly chapped, anything - hands, feet, lips, body, I swear by it. It's what I use post tattoos, and what I use now for all things chapped, I swear it works miracles. Pro tip, if you're using this on your feet as an overnight treatment, layering it and sleeping with socks on makes it feel post pedicure soft.

Jet Lag Mask, Summer Fridays ($48)

Oooo boy did I save the best for last. My holy grail multipurpose hydrating mask since it's been on the market is Summer Fridays Jet Lag. By far the best, quickest working hydrating mask. The company has hit the jack pot with pretty much every single product they've released, but this isn't a favorite for no reason. Buy into the hype, and do yourself a favor in trying this mask.

And that wraps up my all time favorite body products for body nourishment. I figured with Spring around the corner, and more skin showing, I wanted to share my favorite products to help keep you hydrated and glowing. Don't forget to practice hydrating, as that is the easiest way to keep your body hydrated and healthy, duh.

Until next time, keep up with me on Instagram, & of course, reach out with any questions! xo
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