Baked Feta Pasta, Viral TikTok Recipe

So today I decided to branch out, and post a recipe / review of the ever viral TikTok feta pasta. In case you've been living under a rock, you've missed this recipe taking the internet by storm. Almost every other video on my for you page on TikTok was this recipe.

If you know me personally, you know, I am no chef, nor am I too great at cooking, and by no means do I claim to be. I got very lucky that my boyfriend happens to love cooking, and is great at it. However, being that this recipe is something we both love (I mean, if you like tomatoes, feta, and pretty much would LOVE this recipe), and seems rather easy, I figured I'd give this a shot via chef Sam and see how truly easy it is, and how it comes up, and post it on the blog. So let's dig into this dish, shall we?

What you Need?

2 pt. grape or cherry tomatoes

1 block of feta

3 cloves garlic (optional)


Red pepper flakes

Extra Virgin olive oil

Fresh thyme, or basil

How to execute the recipe:

Step 01. In an oven safe dish, place the block of feta, with all cherry tomatoes surrounding the feta

Step 02. Preheat oven to 400

Step 03. On top of the feta + tomatoes, season the dish with salt, red pepper flakes, and drizzle extra virgin olive oil atop the dish (use any other spices you enjoy! make it your own, I also use the frozen Trader Joe's garlic cubes, and this is the step in which I throw it in)

Step 04. Place tray of feta + tomatoes into the oven, and bake until feta is golden brown on top, and tomatoes are soft and bursting. In my oven this took about 40, depending on yours anywhere from 35-45 minutes is your sweet spot

Step 05. Pick a pasta of your choosing! We went with rigatoni, mainly because that's what I had from my last grocery shop. Bring water to a boil, then throw pasta in until cooked. Always make sure to add salt to your pasta water!

tip: keep a cup of pasta water before draining, you may want to add this to the finalized dish to add more of a creamy consistency, if you so please. But trust me, keep in just in case!

Step 06. After the feta + tomatoes are fully cooked, and pasta is ready, combine the pasta into the feta and tomatoes, and give that baby a good stir, mixing up all the goodness. Don’t forget to top with fresh basil, or thyme for an extra pick me up to the dish.

...annnd, that’s it! It’s that simple.

I cooked this dish for my boyfriend and I, and needless to say, it was so good we barely got any pictures for the blog (so I apologize), but the recipe did NOT disappoint. Both of us loved it, and if I can cook it with my little chef skills that I have, I’m sure you can too.

Try it out, let me know what you think - and if you have tried it, did you adore it too? Until next time dear readers.

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