A little brain dump, from Yours Truly

Well, this post is different, way way different. I typically keep my blog more on the “professional side” of sharing my tips, knowledge, experience, lifestyle, etc; aside from my few personal posts. Yet I felt that this post would be rather liberating to share on a social platform that is the “hub” to all my online + business relationships - my website, which truthfully I am so proud of (to be continued later).

If you’re reading this blog at all, or know me, you obviously know, I have been a makeup artist for going on six years in this industry, and as of 2019 I obtained my full license for being an esthetician in New York State. My education from both MakeUp Designory, and Christine Valmy for which I will always be forever grateful for - the memories, knowledge, friends, teachers, and so many more rays of sunshine coming from those experiences. However, I am not here to discuss my whole resume, trust me, there is a point to this rather rambling blog post.

Well, 2020 came, and man it hit hard, and when the artistry business went dead for awhile, I felt lost - I felt uninspired, not interested, and just at a stand still. For the first time in my life, the career path I had felt so secure in, was suddenly feeling very unsure (and the Capricorn OCD in me cannot handle this uncertainty). I also discussed in a few posts recently, that as a month ago, I began pursuing a new career path - something new, and refreshing, and trust me, not close to putting blush on some gorgeous women. Yet, life is all about changes, and going with the flow, especially in this last year, which is a lesson I’ve learned. So, may this new chapter bring me joy and success.

But let’s get one thing clear...Sam Quackenbush will never completely step back from her full time passion of makeup and esthetics, it is too deeply embeded, to leave it behind.

So I sunk for a few months, decided to relaunch my website into something more ”me” as I’ve evolved, I love beauty and esthetics, and it will always be my number one passion, which is why I continue to constantly publish my information on posts. I wanted my blog to reflect beauty and esthetics, who I am, my lifestyle, wellness, and inspiration. We so often scroll through Instagram looking for inspiration, but are often left voided, so I try to make my website something that inspires me to always to and be better, but also hoping to share that fire with someone who may be reading.

So with this short little post, basically what I am saying is - my website will be changing this year, in case you haven't noticed already. I want to share a rather personal blog, be vulnerable, because being vulnerable leads to the best opportunities in my opinion. My blog is meant to reflect me, and as I grow, I discovered this is my new style of blogging, and I hope that my blog audience enjoys it (which, with my analytics, I think it's working).


Nonetheless, this blog post is all to say, it's okay to change, to grow, to evolve into someone you dreamed of. You shouldn't feel stuck because of boxed societal means, but yet be fluttering your wings towards a new reality. Until next time friends, thanks for letting me ramble, I hope this resonates with you. Be well, be healthy, and safe, and ps, don't forget to follow me on socials!

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