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Updated: Jan 30, 2021

I figured I'd share something different, that I never really share online - my book favorites. I sometimes will post what I'm reading on my personal Instagram, but other than that, I just read and soak it in. However in my personal life, I'm constantly discussing what books I'm reading and loving with friends and family, and this year I've read more than any prior year, some great books, and some not so great books. I figured I'd round up my top 5 and share why I enjoyed them, and why you might consider picking it up.

Listed below are my top 5 favorite book picks from 2020, in no specific order!


My Friend Anna: The True Story of a Fake Heiress

Rachel DeLoache Wiilliams


I read this book at the beginning of the year, and finished it in, I kid you not, two days. As a true crime junkie, and American Greed fan, I'm shocked how I never heard of this case, considering it was on an episode! Anywho, the book follows Rachel DeLoache Williams, and her friendship with heiress Anna Delvy. The friendship is rather lavish, with Anna treating Rachel to about everything a friend could want to make memories with. However, the story takes a quick turn when Rachel and Anna take a trip, leaving Rachel to find Anna isn't who she says she is, leaving her with a long lengthy legal case to come. I'm telling you, read this, you'll be addicted!

The Wives

Tarryn Fisher


The Wives, oh my where do I begin. This book was so chillingly turning with every page. Thursday is Seth's husband, however, she isn't too fond of the fact he has two other wives as well, I mean who wouldn't? She's never met the women, but being so in love with Seth, she agreed to this odd arrangement. The book details the struggles of their relationship, and a log of how Thursday feels about her everyday thoughts with Seth. However one day, Thursday finds something horrifying, that details a very different story - and changes everything.

The Chain

Adrian McKinty


One of the BEST thrillers I have ever read, and that's a bold statement. I listened to this book on Audible, and I think the first time I pressed play I listened for three hours whilst cleaning, I just couldn't put it down. It's definitely on the darker side, so a fair warning, but the thriller lover in me adored every bit. Rachel Klein does what most parents do every morning as part of her habitual routine, drop her child off to school. However, this doesn't go as planned, when she receives a phone call, informing her her daughter Kylie has been kidnapped and is being held for ransom. The rules of the ransom? Pay the kidnappers, and kidnap another child herself. Insane, right? The book only takes more insane turns from the basic overview of the crazy plot. So worth reading.

Atomic Habits

James Clear


Atomic Habits is a book I've seen so many people read this year, and I feel as though that is because we all have nothing but time on our hands to examine what's working in our life, and what isn't. Atomic Habits is a wonderful book to help us restructure our routine, and develop new habits. It's all about replacing the old, with good new. James Clear does a wonderful job of educating, writing, whilst not being pushy, if you know what I mean with some self care books. I definitely recommend this book for anyone trying to switch up their routine, change some habits, or just develop another way of thinking.

Call Me God: The Untold Story of the DC Snipper Investigation

Jim Clemente, Tim Clemente, and Peter McDonnell


Let me start by saying this book is an Audible exclusive, so if you don't have Audible I'm sorry, but with how much I loved this book, and how fascinating I found it, I wanted to include it. If you don't remember, or know the DC Snipper case, you can look up the horrible tragedy, however this book does an amazing job at highlighting and describing those who lost their lives, as well as deep diving into the criminal profiling of the case, up until the catch and arrest of the Snipper. A very interesting true crime case, and the narrators of the book do an amazing job of keeping listeners wondering what's coming next, even if you know the case.


The year has been filled with reading, and there's so many more books I could mention, but these have been my absolute favorites, the ones I was most interested in, learned the most from, or just really enjoyed. I hope you can find one that sparks your interest and let me know how you like it from the list above. If you're a reader, share with me what your favorite book, or books of this year was, and why! & until next time, be well, stay safe, and happy holidays!

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